Monday, February 24, 2014

Long time no post


Do you still remember me?!

I just came back to check the statistics of this blog, and I was blown away. During the latter part of 2012 I wrote a few blog posts, and same goes for 2013. I think I hid most of them, because I was not satisfied with the quality of my reviews, or whatever it was. Still, yesterday my blog was viewed 106 times. I know that is not much when compared to other bloggers who actually write regularly, but for an inactive blog, I think it's a quite good amount. My monthly views are still around thousands of views. 

By far, the most read blogpost in this blog has been my comparison of the original Naked palette, and the Sleek Storm. That blogpost was very popular to begin with, but the fact that it got mentioned on Nouveau Cheap really brought up the views. The specific article on Nouveau Cheap is this one. My blogpost has been viewed almost 20,000 times, and to me that is just mindblowing. I realize that my numbers are nothing compared to many others, but I am still overwhelmed. On that same note, most used keywords are 'naked palette' and 'sleek storm'.

My second most viewed blogpost is about the Colossal Cat Eye mascara by Maybelline.

Fourth most accessed article is the one about Maybelline's Anti-ageing concealer.

My audience is mostly American, then Finnish, and the British. 

It is no surprise that Mozilla Firefox is the most used browser, but I am slightly surprised that Safari is only fourth. 


I read through several blogposts and I would really like to hide all of them... I don't like the makeup looks or the quality of the pictures. I really wish I could start from the beginning, but I remember how difficult it was for me to keep writing when I got no comments, and my reader amounts wasn't increasing. I never expected that my blog would become the most read blog in Finland (it didn't), and I was fine with that. I will admit that I got discouraged when I felt I had worked really hard for a blogpost, and then it got very few views, and next to no comments. With that said, I would like to continue blogging as I seem to have more time available. I just feel like the blogging world has continued and evolved without me, and I don't have much to give anymore. I don't want to start from scratch, but I don't want to lose all my readers that this blog has. And I do want to start over... Maybe I really could hide most of the blogposts. Maybe that's what I'll do...


Friday, January 11, 2013

Finished products - Mid July. October - December 2012

I haven't been keeping up with the empties for a few months now. I just was over blogging at the time, and threw everything away without typing it on here first. That is why this is a two part blogpost in one. First is the one product I did manage to finish in July. After that the products have been finished from October onwards.

  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight activating, Enhancing conditioner with Light enhancers, platinum to champagne, for lighter shades of natural, colour-treated or highlighted blonde hair, 250 ml
Now starting from October...

All the pictures are from my instagram. And that is why the quality is not always very good.

  • Lumene Berry Refresh Firming Body Lotion, 200 ml
    • LOVE THE SCENT!!! Was it firming...? eh. It doesn't work like people assume it would, of course. Firming doesn't mean you can quit going to the gym. It never did mean that. ;) 
  • XZ Karpalo Kinuski hair conditioner, 250 ml. 
  • XZ Karpalo Kinuski hair conditioner, 250 ml
    • yes, two of them
  • Dove Nutrive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care with weightless Nutri-oils hair conditioner, Argan oil blend, 200 ml
    • love it!
  • Goldwell Fruits 4 You Papaya shampoo
    • Smells like papaya, or puke depending on who you're asking from. But it does not leave your hair smelling like puke.. :D
  • Professional Hair Care Hair Repair shampoo, 50 ml
    • okay
  • Professional Hair Care Hair Repair conditioner, 50 ml, review here.
    • love it!  

  • Nivea Blow-Dry Styler Volume Sensation, 150 ml
    • Eh. Didn't really create too much volume, didn't use this for years, until I started really using up my collection of everything. I'm glad it is done. 

  • KMS California Color Vitality shampoo, 300 ml
    • I hadn't used this for a while and now I remember why; it was making my psoriasis on my scalp worse. I'm throwing this out before it's completely gone.
  • Sunsilk co-creations Lively Clean & Fresh with balancing anti-oxidants, gently cleanses & nourishes, conditioner for normal hair, 200 ml
  • Klippoteket dry shampoo
    • Definitely not my favorite. It was impossible to not put my hair in a ponytail after using this, so I might as well not have used any.
  • Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner, 75 ml
    • Smells way, way too strong. Was impossible to use with the shampoo at the same time.
  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo with Light Enhancers, Platinum to Shampagne, 250 ml
    • I felt I was losing hair when I used this with the matching conditioner. When I used them separately, that didn't happen. 

  • Urtekram Aloe Vera Conditioner, 250 ml
    • I had started to use this in summer of 2011. I was pretty much half done with it. It just did nothing for my hair. So once I was done with all my other fullsized conditioner, I started using this on my hair and I applied it very generously. I just wanted to finish it. Sometimes I even used this when I was shaving my legs. Worked well with that. 

  • Erisan alcohol free toner, 200 ml
    • Love it!
  • Erboristica face scrub, 100 ml
  • Herbina white tea face wash, 75 ml
    • Foaming wash. Bought it for when traveling. Liked it at first, then noticed it was too soapy, drying, and possibly caused some irritation and break outs. 
  • Eucerin Balancing Toner for sensitive skin, 200 ml
    • Didn't use it up completely. My skin did not react well to this. It seems that my (somewhat sensitive) skin gets irritated by anything that says 'for sensitive skin'.
  • MSChic Baked Mineral Foundation, 0N Porcelain
  • IsaDora Big Bold mascara
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara, black, 7 ml
    • wonderful!!!
  • The Body Shop Sweet Lemon lip butter, 10 ml
    • I have had this for a long time. Now it had changed its consistency and scent a little, so I'm just going to throw it away. 

    • Depend Miljövänlig nailpolish remover, 250 ml
    • Mavala 002 protective base, 5 ml
    • Essie good to go rapid dry top coat, 13.5 ml
    • Gina Tricot base coat, 10 ml