Monday, December 28, 2009

2nd holiday look: New Year's Eve

Hey Happy Holidays!

New Year's Eve is getting closer and I'm sure people are busy shopping and planning their New Year's celebrations. I don't know what I'm doing on New Years yet, but hopefully I'll do something. Last time I was quite sick so I stayed at home alone and just watched the fireworks from my window.

Here is one look for New Years.

I used medium brown eye shadow on my whole lid. Then 1/2 of the outer lid I put some electric blue. Outer V and the crease as well with that same eye shadow.

Midnight blue with golden sparkles to the outer V and crease. Some shimmery white to the tear duct area.

I lined my top lid with GOSH's Pretty Petrol eye liner that I bought a couple weeks ago.

I lined my upper and lower waterlines with the same GOSH eye liner. I put some midnight blue eye shadow with golden sparkles on my lower lash line.

I used two black mascaras, both should be volumizing, but really one of them actually lengthens more than volumizes, and the other really volumizes. So the combination should be longer and fuller lashes. :D

I used a matte light beige/offwhite eyeshadow as a highlight and to blend the crease colors a little.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday look

I didn't leave the house today but I still felt like doing some kind of a makeup look. Aaand I believe I will be wearing this for Christmas and also on New Years Eve. No fake lashes on Christmas though. ;) Here I have them on. I think this is the second time I'm wearing them. It really is difficult at first to get them right on your eyes, the inner corner is laughing a little.. I planned on starting to fix it, but then the whole makeup would've gotten messed up probably, so I just took the pictures... Maybe I'll practice a little before New Years Eve still.. ;)
Really this is a very basic look. I used a medium gray on the entire lid and a medium beige-brownish eye shadow in the crease. All eye shadows are matte, and before I do this look next time I will use a brush that I have just washed before or a brush that I have used for a matte color before.. I don't want any shimmer on this look, like there is now. As a highlight I had a plain light, matte cream color eye shadow.

I used a black liquid eye liner and it is a strong wing shape. I hate taking pictures of my left eye, because it is so much easier to take pictures of my right eye and I feel that the eye makeup always looks way better on my right eye... But I couldn't get a picture of the winged eye liner on my right eye to look as winged as they were.

I used a black eye shadow to set the eye liner and I lined the lower lash line with the same black eye shadow lightly. I put some black mascara on both upper and lower lashes before I put on the fake eye lashes.

Because I did not use strong colors on my eyes I made my lips very colorful. The perfect red lips. I think. You need to find the perfect color lip stick to make your teeth look whiter, I can't use anything orange, coral or baby pink. They don't work with my skintone and also make my teeth seem really yellow. Besides, thinking about using some coral/orange/baby pink lipstick I cringe.. I can't picture myself wearing those colors. Bluish neutrals and bluish pinks/reds are good.

I lined my lips with a red lip liner. If I use a lipstick that is more neutral, I don't always use lip liner and the times that I do use it, I don't fill in the lips with the lip liner, I just make the lines. But with darker lipsticks and lip liners I don't start by making the outlines, I put the lip liner pencil between my lips and start coloring them, and once I get closer to the end of the lips I'm more careful and watch closely where I draw lines..

With darker, reddish lip sticks I pretty much never apply lip stick straight from the lip stick. I use a lip stick brush. I can apply it better, it's more specific, and I don't get too much product on my lips. I find that lip stick stays better when I have used lip liner on my whole lip instead of just creating the outline, and because there isn't that much product, but enough to show the color, the lip stick actually stays better in place.

I also put some red lip gloss lightly on my lips. Wanted some shine, because the red lip stick I have is a very matte lip stick.

What do you think about this? Also, do you prefer the box-like pictures or the randomly cut pictures?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Line your eyes!

These ways are the most common ways that I use to line my eyes.

This one below is the 'basic' way that I use most often when I use a pencil eye liner. The picture below this one is the same eye liner but with an open eye. Usually when I do this kind of eye liner I only line the lower lash line with eye shadow. If the eye liner is a little more winged then I tend to line the lower lash line with a pencil instead of an eye shadow.

Excuse the blurryness and the ridiculous brightness.. You get the idea. I didn't bother photoshopping these because I saved that energy for another group of picture which I will post later today or tomorrow.

This look below is the second most common way for me to line my eyes. If I use a liquid liner I usually make it look like this, I wont even bother leaving it like the earlier, basic look. This liner is by GOSH. It's the Eye liner pen Black Star.

As you can see it is a bit thicker altogether, but it starts to thicken about where my iris begins. For this picture below I used an eye liner pencil, but the shape is exactly the same as in the picture above.

I lined the lower lash line and the water lines as well.

Obviously no liquid liner in the water line, and the lower lash line might be a little difficult to do with a liquid liner, it easily looks a little funky.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eye of the tiger.. err.. I mean, eye of the day..

Hello everyone!

I walked through one of the buildings on campus around noon and it was packed! This is my fourth year there and I have never, ever seen it that full of people before! I have no idea what was going on. It cannot be just that the restaurant had great food there. They have great food there very often, but today the lines were just unimaginable. Good that it is not the only restaurant we have... I would have starved otherwise.

Today was and still is not a very special day. Actually I was in a little bit of a hurry this morning. That said, today's makeup was nothing too special or lively in color. Basically I had gold, purple and burgundy in a lovely mix. I lined my eyes with a black eye pencil, which I used to line both waterlines as well.

I'm still searching for the perfect mascara. So far the best is Maybelline's Volum' Express in black. It has been my top1 mascara for years now. It makes my lashes look thicker and longer. The mascara I have on today (Lumene Natural Code Volume-Maximizing Mascara) is quite a good second mascara. It does make my lashes look a little thicker, but not as much as the Maybelline one.

What I love about this mascara is that it really separates my lashes. Also I have not managed to get clumps of mascara on my lashes and that's always a positive sign. I'm willing to overlook that with the Maybelline mascara, because it really makes my lashes look thicker, but then I have to use a lash comb to get the clumps out.

I guess what I look for in the perfect mascara is the ability to lengthen, thicken and separate my lashes. I guess I could say I quite like the theatrical look created by false lashes. I, however, am not willing to use false lashes daily, or even every other day.

What is your favorite mascara of all time? Favorite mascara color?