Sunday, November 22, 2009

Line your eyes!

These ways are the most common ways that I use to line my eyes.

This one below is the 'basic' way that I use most often when I use a pencil eye liner. The picture below this one is the same eye liner but with an open eye. Usually when I do this kind of eye liner I only line the lower lash line with eye shadow. If the eye liner is a little more winged then I tend to line the lower lash line with a pencil instead of an eye shadow.

Excuse the blurryness and the ridiculous brightness.. You get the idea. I didn't bother photoshopping these because I saved that energy for another group of picture which I will post later today or tomorrow.

This look below is the second most common way for me to line my eyes. If I use a liquid liner I usually make it look like this, I wont even bother leaving it like the earlier, basic look. This liner is by GOSH. It's the Eye liner pen Black Star.

As you can see it is a bit thicker altogether, but it starts to thicken about where my iris begins. For this picture below I used an eye liner pencil, but the shape is exactly the same as in the picture above.

I lined the lower lash line and the water lines as well.

Obviously no liquid liner in the water line, and the lower lash line might be a little difficult to do with a liquid liner, it easily looks a little funky.

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