Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little preview...

Just a little preview of what's coming this weekend! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lumene - Blueberry Volume Mascara

Lumene's mascara Blueberry Volume Mascara. 

I love the bottle and the color of it!

The mascara wand is odd for me. I hadn't seen anything like it before. One side is flat like this

and the other side is like this.

I thought the mascara was good. I didn't see any problems with it. Didn't smell funny or anything. Was easy to remove, it's not waterproof.

Didn't really test can it handle any water.

This is after I've applied it several coats. 

I thought about applying only 1-2 first, but really I always put more coats on. More like 10, and that's what I did here too.

I like it. I like the bottle.  :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX - It's not Rocket Science

This is the third polish I tried from this collection. So far, it's the biggest failure for me. 

It looks nice in the bottle and in other people's swatches. On my nails, it's a whole another story. It's quite ugly. :( Doesn't suit me at all.

It looks alright in certain light when it's clearly green, but when it looks like a mixture of gold and green it's not so nice.

I put 3 coats of this on Friday night. I took the pictures on Sunday morning. They began to look worn out on Saturday morning.

Guess what? I have two bottles of this. I wasn't sent Galaxy girl, I got two of these.  A giveaway is on it's way so be on the lookout if you like this polish! :)

Do you like it?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looks - Quick everyday look.

I've been quite boring lately with my makeup.

But I think I have found the easy, everyday makeup, that always looks good and good for me. (And I've gotten compliments on it from a couple boys! Girls haven't said anything.)

This picture is not exactly how I've done the makeup during the past week or so. This version is a little modified. 

I use MAC Bare Study paint pot on the whole lid. I put Artdeco's iridescent duochrome eyeshadow 203 - silica glass is it's name. It's one of the new Fashion Colors Fall/Winter 2010/2011. (The other iridescent duochrome for this collection is the 205 lucent ferrite. The new pearl shadows are 84 pearly lavender blossom and 80 pearly midnight blue)

So only MAC's Bare Study and Artdeco's 203 on the lid. I don't really do any blending separately, or add a highlight or a different, darker color in the crease. I just want the one shadow on the lid and a little in the crease.

Then I use Ben Nye's cake eyeliner in black and do a strong winged line. Sometimes more than show in the picture, sometimes less. 

Then I fix my brows and add mascara. And that's it for the eyes. The mineral powder foundation, a little bronzer and blush. Ta-dah. Done. Fast and simple. 

In the pictures on this post I've modified this look a little. I've added GDE Premonition to the lower lash line and the crease. When I just need to do my makeup quickly then I leave this part out.

What do you think?

Friday, November 19, 2010


It's official.

I don't know how to do makeup on others.

For Halloween I did my best friend's makeup, and that turned out quite okay. I did this makeup look on her somehow.

Then last Friday we went to a club to see this one band play and she wanted me to do her makeup. She dressed in red and black, I wanted to do a red look on her, and I started. Big Mistake!!! I just made her look sick. She removed the red and I started again. I decided to stick to neutrals, cause those are a safer in the end. I'm not too happy with how this look turned out, but she wanted me to do her makeup, and I did. And it didn't turn out _that_ bad, now that I think of it. The colors suited her and complemented her quite well. It's not perfect but I need to learn to do makeup on others too before our Lady Gaga-night. ;)

In the future, posts where I show you my work on others are under the tag wannabe-mua.

Now the look.

Problem #1. Her eye shape is different to mine. I'm not used to different eyeshapes.
Problem #2. I had to use different grips on my brushes, and draw on someone else.
Problem #3. I was afraid of poking her in the eye with either a brush or an eyeliner, which I ended up doing.

I probably should've asked her for a permission to upload a picture of the makeup I did on her, but I didn't. But before she sat down on the makeup chair I told her I was going to take a picture of the finished look and put that on my blog. :P She kept sitting in the makeup chair, hence, the picture is here.

And this is what I did on myself. It's not that great... I wish it would've looked better...

What do you think of my friend's look or mine? Do you do makeup on others? Any wise words?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tutorial - GDE Halloween Set 2

A look with GDE Halloween set 2. 

(I feel like I haven't written about anything but GDE lately, but what can I say, lot's of interesting stuff happening in that company! :D )

The finished look.
First I put on eyeshadow primer. Then Satan's Sheets-eyeshadow under my brow and in the middle of the eyelid. In retrospect, putting Satan's Sheets eyeshadow at this point is not really necessary, the effect wasn't what I hoped. You'll see what I mean later in this post.

I placed Infectious wet to the inner part of my eyelid. I used a basic eyeshadow brush, like this, it's the top one.

You can still kind of see Satan's Sheets in the middle, but not really that much after I put Undead to the outer part of the lid. First I applied it wet, and then I added some more dry. I used a brush like this, the third one from the bottom.

Undead is a little difficult. I don't know what it is, but it is a little difficult to use. I'm not sure if I use a wrong placing technique, wrong base or what, but Undead, for me, is not an easy color to use. I'm planning on trying different things that can I get it to work better for me.

Blending done at this point. Still a little Satan's Sheets visible, but I had hoped that there'd be more, which is why I added some more Satan's Sheets to the middle of the lid after blending. To ease the blending, I used a matte skin colored eyeshadow.

Then I put Teenage Witch with a wet eyeliner brush like this. I used the topmost brush. I took the pictures in natural lighting, we had some clouds so some are a little darker than others when the sun was blaring into my apartment through the windows... I haven't edited any of the pictures' colors, only added the text and resized them.

I focused on the lower lash line with Teenage Witch, and then what was left on my brush I placed to the top lash line. I didn't feel like lining the whole eye so I left it to the middle. Also I continued the lower lash line with Teenage Witch to the edge of Undead cause I like the effect. I blended them together just a little, very, very little.

I added a little more Satan's Sheets under my brow with a fluffy blending brush.

I like using a matte skin colored shadow to clean up any mess that there possibly is. It also helps blending a lot. For cleaning up mess, I like using a rather dense wide brush like this one on the bottom of the pic.

And there you have it. The first look with the Halloween set 2. I did another look, but I'm posting that later cause I gotta go study for my exams!

What do you think? Hope you like it! :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eye of the Day and some GDE swatches

I've been extremely busy lately with school work. And it's still continuing. I have 4 exams next week, so I wont be posting much anyway. I already wrote on Twitter that I'm taking a break from that. I guess I'm taking a small break from my blog too. So wish me luck! :)

This is an Eye of the Day from last week.I've taken lots of pictures of my makeup, but I just haven't had the time to post any on here.


Recently I ordered the Halloween set 1 from Glamour Doll Eyes. I also ordered the Halloween set 2 as well, and I was waiting for it to arrive before posting swatches, but I still haven't gotten the set. (Was shipped Sept. 25th.) :(

But here's a look that I created with those shadows. 

FrankenGlamour in the inner corner. Bruised! on the rest of the lid.

Graveyard in the crease. Zombie Date Night (eye light) on Graveyard.

I also put Zombie Date Night on the eye liner. 

And here's a "map".

And another picture. 

And finally the swatches. These are on NYX's white eyeshadow primer.

From left to right: FrankenGlamour (gorgeous!!!), Bruised!, Graveyard and Zombie Date Night

(Graveyard is matte, even though it looks like it'd have some shimmer/glitter on the swatch.)


Hope you like them! 

What do you think of the looks and the shadows?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Behind the scenes - Brushes

These are the ones that I use in makeup application.


Let's start with face brushes.

First is my newest addition to my collection. A contour/blush brush by Duroy. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. It's a little difficult to use. I don't know how to use a brush like this, at least not for contouring. I use it for blush,

Second is a random cheap powder blush. Better for contouring
Third is the liquid foundation brush for the random times I use a foundation brush, that really is not worth paying the 4-5€ it cost. It's awful. I rather put liquid foundation by hand.

Then it's time for the blush brush I used before. I've used this for years and still use it. It's by T.LeClerc.

The kabuki is what I used daily for mineral powder foundation. It's awesome.

Then on to eye brushes.

These are my blending brushes. Two on the top are from Coastal Scents. I'm very happy with them. Like some say CS brushes stink, mine didn't after the first wash. Not much shedding either. In fact, none of my brushes has ever shed much, or too much.

The third one is my oldest brush used for blending. It's fantastic to add the highlight. It places shadows wonderfully on the lid. I use it to clean up mess with a skin colored shadow when needed. It's very dense and precise eventhough it's not very small.

Eyeshadows brushes next. 
The second one from the top is probably my oldest brush. One that I got 10+ years ago. Last year I bought a dupe of it, but it wasn't similar. The 'dupe' is the very first one. Both are by Duroy.

The third one is by Make Up Store. It's number is 105. One of my most used brushes. Awesome to place shadows on the lid.

The third brush from the bottom is great for placing shadows too. I also often use that to put shadows to the bottom lash line.

5th and 6th brushes are from Coastal Scents. A pencil brush and a round top brush. Use them in the crease a lot.

Liner brushes!

First and third are from Coastal Scents. I use them a lot with gel liners.

The second brush is by Duroy and it's my newest liner brush. This brush is so ridiculously precise! Very thin too! Wonderful with Ben Nye's cake eyeliner.

The third brush from the bottom is by far my favorite brush ever! It is perfect! Perfect for cake eyeliner. I cannot live without this brush! So amazing!

The second from the bottom I use to put matte black eyeshadow on pencil and gel liners to make the liners stay better. It's small and precise.

The last brush is a little too flimsy for my taste for eyeliners. I rarely use it.

Then on to my newest purchase. Basically I bought these because of the handle color! I love this color!

The brand I guess is Casualle Visage. I just got these the other day. Used them today for the first time. There was some shedding but nothing major. I guess I'll use the first brush for placing shadows and the last one for blending and placing highlights...

What are your favorite brushes?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I cannot believe my luck!

I took part in a Twitter giveaway a while ago.

The giveaway was organized by Orly Beauty.

And I won. They had several contests during the day, one in every hour and I won. You had to be the 200th retweeter of one message. Though I got to admit I was not the 200th retweeter, the first winner hadn't obeyed the rules, so she was disqualified and that made me the winner. Which makes me even more lucky I guess?

I am so excited, I cannot wait to get the prize. The prize is the Orly Cosmic FX nail polish collection! I've already seen some swatches of it on people's blogs and I'm so, so excited to get this collection!

 ( picture )

I cannot wait!!! 

Then some fashion opinions or something. 
I. Want. This. Dress. 

( picture )

It is so gorgeous! 

Now if only I'd have Halle Berry's body... Hey, I'm working on it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYX hauls + swatches

I was doing my hair today when something dropped in my mailbox!

My order from Cherry Culture, that I did last week.

I got some NYX products. 

I haven't been too satisfied with NYX's lipsticks. It's all my fault though. I believed Cherry Culture's swatches, and got lipsticks that were nothing like what I expected. Same thing happened with a jumbo eyeshadow pencil (French Fries). From that one order failure I learned, well I shouldn't say failure cause I do use the lipsticks, they just weren't what I expected, but I like to use one of the two at least. The other isn't bad, but not what I typicaly would use.

I googled tons of swatches and then still decided to order only 1 lipstick.


Here's a swatch first on my hand and then on my lips as well.

 In my previous order I got 4 jumbo eyeshadow pencils. Their swatches can be found here

In this order I got 7! I got another Milk, in case I run out of it. The other six are Cherry, Lemon, Purple, Slate, Cottage Cheese and Horse Raddish. 

First a look of the pencils.

Then swatches on my hand. 

Those two are clickable pictures.

Oh look. It's not Cherry, it's Chery. Haha. :D

Then today's eye of the day.

Any guesses with what this is created?

What's your experience with Cherry Culture or NYX?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A lil teaser

In my previous post I mentioned that I was expecting a package from the States. Well today I got the first one! I got Glamour Doll Eyes   Halloween set 1! I ordered it from the presale some weeks ago. Then a couple days ago I ordered the Halloween set 2. Last year I missed the sets... :(

I'm doing swatches and reviews later. For now the sets are not sold. Today Vee (owner) said she's making the shadows ready, and then when she's finished with a certain amount of sets, she'll put them up for sale so that they can be sent right away. I guess the first plan was to have a presale and then put the rest up for sale on October 1st. In the beginning, and still, there is only a limited amount of sets (2 sets all in all), only about 96 of both if I remember correctly, and she's had 2 presales already...

The sets are sold here.

If you have Twitter, remember to follow me (@Serafia_), Vee @veeglamour and the official Glamour Doll Eyes Twitter @glamourdolleyes. From Vee's and Glamour Doll Eyes twitters (and Facebook) you can find out when the sets are for sale again. I hear soon they'll be sold again. So go follow them.

How much do you know about Glamour Doll Eyes?