Thursday, January 7, 2010


In this look I used some Glamour Doll eyeshadows that I bought recently.

I used Katie's Storm and DinoSpotz. And I used Bare Naked as a highlight/blending helper.

First to the inner quarter or so I put some Katie's Storm. The the rest of the lid and crease I put DinoSpotz which by far is one of my favorites! I used a matte white cream base under the eyeshadows.

I used Bare Naked to help blend DinoSpotz and also sort of as a highlight shadow.

I used the same eyeshadows to line the lower lash line. I used a black liquid liner to line my top lid. Maybelline's Volum Express in black as a mascara.

DinoSpotz is so amazing! It's like a burgundy/brick red/brown with some green glitter. Depending on the direction where the light hits your eyelid the eyeshadow changes.

Have you heard of Glamour Doll Eyeshadows before?
Enjoy your Thursday!

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