Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Swatches of Glamour Doll eyeshadows

I believe there pictures are better on the actual website of Glamour Doll, but here are the swatches of the eyeshadow samples that I bought.

Want to see my first look with these shadows, if yes, then click here.

L-R: DinoSpotz, Flashdance!, MIngles, Olivia Green, Secretive and Summer Skies.

I could not capture the magnificent color of DinoSpotz. :( I already know I'm going to order some of these in full size and DinoSpotz is definately one of them. MIngles and Olivia Green are matte.

L-R: Island Chic, Shaded Orchid, Katie's Storm, Graffiti, Lovers Lane and Disco White

The picture of the sample baggies. One without flash and the other with flash. The real color is something in between. I got two black ones, Graffiti is matte black with lime glitter, but you can't see it in the picture. :(

L-R: Skinny Jeans, Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Urban Trash, Glam Girl and Dusk

Skinny Jeans isn't black, it's like green gray or so... Sounds weird huh? Urban Trash is a matte black.

These are the two free samples I got with my order. The picture above does not really match at all to the colors, it's again something in between the two pictures, one taken without flash and the other with.

And here is a bad pic of the swatches.

Do you like them? :D

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