Saturday, February 20, 2010

About 3 Mascaras... review part 3 - Lumene Natural Code Eye Dramatizer Volumizing Mascara

This is the third part of a three-part mascara review. This review is about the Lumene Natural Code Eye Dramatizer Volumizing mascara. First part of the review series can be found here. Second part can be found here.

I am reviewing three mascaras and the first two pictures of each mascara are taken when I have applied 2-3 coats of mascara. The last two pictures are then when I have applied several coats of that mascara.

These three I am reviewing. First one is the Maybelline Volum' Express (in black) that's in the middle of the picture. Second mascara will be Max Factor's False Lash Effect (in black, not waterproof), and the last one is Lumene Natural Code Eye Dramatizer Volumizing Mascara (in blackest black).

The brush for this mascara is large. I had trouble using it at first because I just kept making a mess. It gets easier eventually. There are a lot of bristles, they're long and most importantly they are soft. This mascara does not smell at all like some other mascaras.

From these first two pictures you can see the result after 2-3 coats. The lashes are very separated and appear a little longer, or then it is just wishful thinking. I however, don't see any addition in volume. In the lower picture is looks kind of like I wouldn't have any mascara on. So it seems to give a very natural result, but not a very volumous result.

The color of this mascara is Blackest black. I'm not really seeing that, at least not in the picture directly above this sentence.

In the last two pictures I have applied several, several coats and now I am liking the result. I still don't think it really gives me the volume that I want, but I'd say this is a good daily mascara. And now my lashes look dark too. I curl my lashes before applying mascara and I feel like this holds the curl well. Other mascaras only hold for about half and hour, and then my lashes are very slightly curly, but this seems to hold the curl a little longer. I have issues with curling my lashes or my hair, the curls just wont hold, so I don't have big expectations about a mascara holding the curls.

This is applied by the zic-zag-motion.

There is 8 ml of product.

I don't have the receipt left anymore, but I believe this cost something like 7-9 euros. It was not more than 10 euros for sure.

I could buy this again, unlike the Max Factor one. This one does not smell and the bristles are very soft. The brush is slightly big for me, but nothing that can't be fixed. I'm still going to stick with the Maybelline Volum' Express.

Were these reviews useful for you?

(Dislaimer: Bought all the products myself. Not affiliated with the companies mentioned.)

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