Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday party look

Last Saturday it was my friend's 24th birthday, well his real birthday was on Friday but we partied on Saturday. First we went to his place quite early and watched a couple Tarantino-movies. Did you know it was Quentin Tarantino's birthday on Saturday as well? Now you know. My friend told me. :D

I have been quite busy with school projects these past couple of days so I haven't posted anything on here.

On Saturday I did a simple, light evening makeup during the day because we all met so early in the afternoon.. Since the days are getting longer, meaning it's light out for longer periods of time, I actually could take photos of my makeup in daylight. :D I'm sure every beauty blogger struggles with lighting every now and then, but in this part of the world, especially during the winter, I find it impossible to be outside when there's daylight. I go to uni when it's dark and go home when it's dark. I don't see any sunlight.

This photo is taken with flash and not in daylight. The following pictures are taken in daylight. I do not photoshop my photos on this blog at all. I do not add brightness or contrast. I resize the pictures and add my blogs address to the photo, that's it.

In case you haven't noticed already, all the pictures are clickable if you want a closer look.

I used Glamour Doll eyeshadows once again. Bare Naked on the lid and Shaded orchid in the outer corner and crease.

I cropped some of these photos differently because here you can also see a little of the blush I used.

I was quite happy the next day when I saw all the pictures that were taken at the bar we went to after we watched the movies. We were at a rock bar and even though I didn't have black makeup on, I still did not stand out by being too preppy or colorful. My eyemakeup actually did look quite dark in the dark bar. :D I loved that bar by the way. I believe I found my new favorite. The music was wonderful. :D I can't stand techno or hiphop. Rock and metal is great.

Now I should just remember which blush I used... :S

I'm pretty sure it was Maybellines mineral blush in 20 Moonlight mauve...

I only own 4 blushes, because I can't go through them as fast as eyeshadows, but I'd like to try some new brands.

What's your favorite blush? What do you recommend for me? As you can see from the pictures I have very fair skin, so not all blushes will suit me...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NYX - The Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Barbados

Today's eye of the day is like this. I used NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk as a base. The eyeshadows are from NYX's Caribbean Collection and more specifically the I Dream of Barbados-palette.

This is a very simple look with a wonderful palette. I used the left purple (number 1) on the lid. Number 2 on the outer part of the lid and in the crease. Then number 3 in the crease. I've done another look with this palette where I used all of the eyeshadows in the palette except the pink one. Those looks don't differ much, but in case someone hasn't seen that look before (posted it with the NYX haul in the end of December)

I put number 3 on my lower lash line as well. And it seems that a smaller eyelash curler would be good for me because the outmost top lashes are always not curled enough. You know, those half curlers, or partial curlers, I don't know what they're called...


As a liner I used a black cake eyeliner and then added some black mascara. I was thinking of using purple mascara, but I decided against it.

As a non-makeup related subject, I was very surprised today in class. At one point I had to change table groups because the people in my group had to leave in the middle and then we started going some discussion exercises, hence I moved to another group (with who I usually sit, but today they were late, well not really late since the teacher arrived after them, but I didn't think they'd even show up so I sat with some other people, but they did and I didn't feel like moving since the class had already started). There was a vacant seat next to a guy, and I went for that seat and he pulled the chair back for me, and continued to kind of seat me! I was thrilled that he pulled the chair back for me since my hands were filled with books and bags, because honestly young people nowadays aren't too gentleman-like. But the best part was that I didn't have to sit down and pull myself+chair towards the table when he kindly did that for me! Needless to say I haven't experienced it often since I'm writing about it to my makeup-blog. :D

So ladies, do you like this kind of gentleman behaviour?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing and testing

I am quite sure that I have had this look on this blog already, because it probably is one of my most used color combinations, and with this one it is also extremely simple to go from a day look to an evening, going out look.

Basically I am just using a light purplish pink on the lid and a maroon-like red/purple in the crease and outer corner. And a cat-eyeish black eyeliner on the top lid.

These pictures are from the evening look, where I lined my lower lash line and waterline with Gosh's Woody Green, Velvet Touch eyeliner pencil and added some soot-colored eyeshadow into the outer corner to darken the look.

And the rare picture of both of my eyes. I honestly cannot take a decent picture of my left eye. I'm right-handed and holding the camera in my left hand or taking the camera to my left with my right hand is just impossible, I can't focus, I don't get a picture of my whole eye, because my aim isn't good and my left eyebrow always looks weird for some odd reason. I know eyebrows aren't supposed to be identical twins, but instead sisters, and that's how they are now, but I'd like to have them look a little more like sisters anyway. Haha, like a typical woman, we can always come up with a fault in everything. :D

How do you change your day look into an evening look?

Monday, March 15, 2010

GOSH Eyeliner pencils

I don't have many Gosh products. The only things I have are Eyeliner pencils. And my, oh my, they are great! Their staying power is probably a little too much even. :D

And when I say they're too good I really mean it. I have a face wash that I wash my face with everyday. I never had to use a makeup remover to remove my makeup. But I have no choice but to do that with the Gosh pencils. Sometimes you really do need an eyeliner pencil that really sticks.

The eyeliner in these pictures is Pretty Petrol. It says Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Waterproof

Today's eye of the day is nothing too special. A light lid with a medium shimmery brown crease. Blue eyeliner as a special effect. I was in a little bit of a hurry this morning and I only had two exams today and no classes. My quick makeup is always something like this, a neutral eye basically. The eyeliner color just changes. ;)

What's your view on Gosh products?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I felt fierce this morning. This is why.

Glamour Doll Eyes shadows in Lovers Lane (red, outer half of the lid) and then Bare Naked (gold) in the inner corner (top and bottom). A matte medium brown in the outmost corner, crease and lower lash line.

Makeup Store Gel eyeliner in Black. And black mascara.

Look what I have... :D

Hmph. that one thing is a little off... :D haha

I walk daily on campus and of course look at people and their makeup. Sometimes I think how my everyday makeup is someone's evening look or like a fancy party look. My party look consists of more mascara, more eyeliner, false lashes. I guess now is a good time to say I don't party that often. :D

What is your party look?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MAC face charts in real life - 1st recreation

See, a while ago I stumbled upon a makeup blog, where I found a link to MAC face charts.

Well, what do you know, I decided to pick one face chart and recreate that look as well as possible to my blog. I only have two MAC products, one being a paint pot (Delft) and one an eyeshadow (Cranberry) so I had to use other products.

I used an intense blue by Glamour Doll Eyes called MIngles. I have other blues but they weren't intense enough.

On the lid and as a highlight I used a shimmery warm golden beige.

And then some black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

( MAC face chart picture )

This looks is the 36th look on the first page, if I counted correctly.

Soonish I'll be writing a blogpost about something that I found from Fashioned in Finland's blog recently. More on that later. I'm testing it out right this second. Well, I started last night, but I'll be testing it for a couple days still cause I want to see if it really is as good as it seems right now.

Well? Should I do these more often?