Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I felt fierce this morning. This is why.

Glamour Doll Eyes shadows in Lovers Lane (red, outer half of the lid) and then Bare Naked (gold) in the inner corner (top and bottom). A matte medium brown in the outmost corner, crease and lower lash line.

Makeup Store Gel eyeliner in Black. And black mascara.

Look what I have... :D

Hmph. that one thing is a little off... :D haha

I walk daily on campus and of course look at people and their makeup. Sometimes I think how my everyday makeup is someone's evening look or like a fancy party look. My party look consists of more mascara, more eyeliner, false lashes. I guess now is a good time to say I don't party that often. :D

What is your party look?


  1. This is such a gorgeous look! I love all those colors together. My day looks are party looks for normal people too :)

  2. This is such a pretty look! Here most people don't use that much makeup, lots of black liner and mascara for sure but nothing too elaborate. I like doing a black or brown smoky eye when I go out! And during the day something simple, like sparkly beige shadow, olive liner and mascara. XO!

  3. Heather: Thank you! It might be that a big portion of beauty bloggers' day looks are others' party looks. I wouldn't be too surprised if that were the case. :)

    Marce: Thank you! Someone once told me that at a bar lighting brown eyeshadow would not be the best, that any other eyeshadow color would be better. I haven't seen this happen, I've worn brown eyshadow and it looks the way I want it to so I don't know how someone came up with that brown eyeshadow is not good in a bar scene.

  4. --->Request-Time^^
    I am wondering if you could do a very "outgoable" peacock/turquoise/petrol look?
    I think it would beautifully match your eyes...

  5. Sternchen: I can do something like that. I'm going to start planning a look like that. :D Thanks for the request.


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