Monday, March 15, 2010

GOSH Eyeliner pencils

I don't have many Gosh products. The only things I have are Eyeliner pencils. And my, oh my, they are great! Their staying power is probably a little too much even. :D

And when I say they're too good I really mean it. I have a face wash that I wash my face with everyday. I never had to use a makeup remover to remove my makeup. But I have no choice but to do that with the Gosh pencils. Sometimes you really do need an eyeliner pencil that really sticks.

The eyeliner in these pictures is Pretty Petrol. It says Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Waterproof

Today's eye of the day is nothing too special. A light lid with a medium shimmery brown crease. Blue eyeliner as a special effect. I was in a little bit of a hurry this morning and I only had two exams today and no classes. My quick makeup is always something like this, a neutral eye basically. The eyeliner color just changes. ;)

What's your view on Gosh products?


  1. Goshin tuotteet on ihan parasta! :) Fanitan Goshia ihan hulluna...


  2. I have never tried any of the gosh products. I do like how you line your eye. So nice. That is a great color too...

  3. Gloss: Kiva kuulla. Mulla tosiaan on vain nuo muutama Velvet Touch-kynä, mutta täytyykin sitten tutustua lisää.

    Krista: Thanks! It took me a while to figure out how to line my eyes so that it would look the best. Before I just did a thin line that didn't change in thickness at all, but it seemed to pull my eye down in the outer corner and I didn't like how it looked. :(

  4. i'm definitely going to look into Gosh now - never heard of it, but thank you for introducing me to the brand!

  5. EBoogie: You're very welcome. :)

  6. Where do you purchase your Gosh eyeliners - do you get them online?

  7. Hello Anonymous, I bought these from a local department store's makeup section. They have a wide selection of brands, from L'oreal to Clinique, Ben Nye and Dior for example.

    I'm sure Gosh products can be bought online as well, but I don't know where from, sorry.


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