Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing and testing

I am quite sure that I have had this look on this blog already, because it probably is one of my most used color combinations, and with this one it is also extremely simple to go from a day look to an evening, going out look.

Basically I am just using a light purplish pink on the lid and a maroon-like red/purple in the crease and outer corner. And a cat-eyeish black eyeliner on the top lid.

These pictures are from the evening look, where I lined my lower lash line and waterline with Gosh's Woody Green, Velvet Touch eyeliner pencil and added some soot-colored eyeshadow into the outer corner to darken the look.

And the rare picture of both of my eyes. I honestly cannot take a decent picture of my left eye. I'm right-handed and holding the camera in my left hand or taking the camera to my left with my right hand is just impossible, I can't focus, I don't get a picture of my whole eye, because my aim isn't good and my left eyebrow always looks weird for some odd reason. I know eyebrows aren't supposed to be identical twins, but instead sisters, and that's how they are now, but I'd like to have them look a little more like sisters anyway. Haha, like a typical woman, we can always come up with a fault in everything. :D

How do you change your day look into an evening look?


  1. You have lovely eyes.....Very pretty look...

  2. Thank you so much Krista. I do love your name. :D

  3. I just went though your blog and i absolutely love it, i am looking forwards to some new looks :)

  4. Klaudia: I'm so happy you said that! Thanks for stopping by! :D


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