Friday, April 2, 2010

Tutorial - How I shape my eyebrows

I cringe sometimes when I see eyebrows. Completely shaved off + drawn in and weird shaped eyebrows freak me out. No one, I mean no one has eyebrows naturally in the shape of a half circle. Well I at least haven't seen anyone and I doubt there are many if there are. I don't think uneven foundation even bothers me as much as crazy eyebrows...

This is the way my eyebrows are naturally. They were not this dark before. Many, many years ago I had them dyed a little because I was competing in dance every weekend or every other weekend. I was quite blonde then too, but they weren't over the top dark or anything. But there was a significant change in color in the before and after color.

The dye has been gone for a looooooong time now but my eyebrows stayed that color. I noticed my hair has gotten darker from the really blonde years without me dying it. I have actually never dyed my hair completely, only gotten some light highlights, and that was 6 years ago last time.

I use this pencil. I tried using an eyeshadow, but I just could not get that to look right. I don't like it. I like using a pencil. When I have the cap off I always put it to the end of the pencil and because I use it daily the end eventually looks like that.

I start from the inner part of the eyebrow. With a light hand I fill in the gaps.

I use a spooly brush to brush my eyebrows before and after I put the eyebrow pencil. I pick my eyebrows like every third/fourth day. I extremely rarely plug eyebrows from the top, that's my natural arch and I like to keep it that way. If there is a stray eye brow hair really far from the eyebrow I take that off, but that's it. From the top picture you can see that I could plug those out, but they honestly are not that visible from a distance. Only when I put a camera 15 cm away from my face and take a picture. ;) I don't want to brush my eyebrows down with the spooly at all. Or even horizontally. I brush them up and out.

To see how your eyebrows should look you can place the spooly brush next to your nostril and starting from there you can follow the brush to the point where it hits your eyebrow line. That is the starting point of your eyebrow. As you can see, there are some random hairs on the right side of my brush, but I wont pick those off, cause very easily you can end up picking too much. And since I'm far from a unibrow, I don't bother with it.

The highest part of your eyebrow you can figure out by keeping the spooly brush by your nostril and then moving it to go through your iris and up to your eyebrow.

Then keep the beginning of the brush by your nostril again, and move the brush to the outer corner of your eye and follow the brush to your eyebrow. That's where your eyebrow should end. As you can see I don't have long enough eyebrows so I use the pencil to fill in my eyebrows and lengthen them to the appropriate length shown by the brush. I realize my eyebrows are not that short so I could go about my daily business without making my eyebrows longer, but I like to make them longer, it's only like 5mm or so of a difference. I could still continue that eyebrow in the picture but since I don't do this measuring with the spooly brush everyday, I kind of know already where my eyebrows should start and end I kind of estimate it and today I could have continued my eyebrows by a couple millimeters, but it's all good.

Some people use the spooly brush to lift all their eyebrows directly upwards and then trim them to a certain length (and then brush them back), but I don't do that. I never did and I don't really feel like doing that either. Take your pick.

I don't use any eyebrow gel or anything like that to keep my eyebrows in place. When I brush through them after using the pencil they kind of stay in place for the day.

What do you do to your eyebrows?

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