Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern day Cleopatra

Edit. 24.4.2010 Unfortunately all the comments on this post and a couple others have disappeared due to my mistake at IntenseDebate, the comment system I use. I had gotten so many lovely comments recently and then I had to mess up. I'm still a little upset about this.

I think I need to buy some more eyeshadows, because the only ones I use now are Glamour Doll Eyeshadows and my infatuation with them isn't going down because I ordered some more on Tuesday... Ooops. :D

As I wrote yesterday today's look is a little Cleopatra-inspired. Or not. :D

First I put Secretive in the inner corner, Summer skies to the middle of the lid. Then I took a business card and placed on edge in my outer corner and then added some Dusk so that I'd get an extremely sharp edge aligned with my lower lashline. Took Dusk up to the crease and blended it in with Summer Skies and Secretive.

Then I took Graffiti and lined my lower lash line with it, and with a sharp small brush I brought Graffiti up the sharp edge previously created by the business card + Dusk.

Such a shame that Secretive does not photograph properly!!! It is soo nice when applied but totally washed out in a photo. :(

After creating the wing with Graffiti I took a gel eyeliner and lined my top lash line and sort of connected that to the wing. Then I added some mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

If you want to do a look along the lines of this, I highly suggest that you have clean and strong eyebrows. If you normally don't fill your eyebrows in with eyeshadow or a brow pencil, with this look you kinda have to or else (in my opinion) you wont look as good as you would if you would have strong eyebrows. Then go with a rather nude lip and the entire blush palette does not have to be on your face. ;)

I have a rather square face so I like to bring the focus up to my eyes. I'm not a big fan of my jaw. I feel like I look a little bit silly if I have like a very simple eye with red lips because it doesn't really fade out my jaw, and I have gotten a lot of compliments about my eyes so I want the focus there instead of other places.

In natural lighting...

I added some Graffiti to the very outside part of the crease to add depth.

With a flash...

For some reason in some of the pictures the wing does not look straight, but it pretty much was almost in a 45 degree angle... Now it just looks curved and like it would be 'pulling' my eye down from the outside corner... :(

Are you feeling the power of Cleopatra? What do you think of the look?

PS. There is a poll for you all to answer, so please answer it if you haven't already. Thank you!

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