Friday, April 30, 2010

Something blue, something new

And that something would be press-on nails.

Err... yeah my cuticles aren't pretty, but they couldn't really be pretty cause I've never taken care of them really. I don't like my fingers and hands getting greasy so I don't put anything on my hands.

Typing is extremely difficult with these cause these are so, so long, yet these are medium length. I just put them on an hour ago. I've used fake nails by this brand before and they stayed for about 2 days eventhough the package says 7 days. I am not that good apparently with the nail glue cause if you look close the glue does not seem to be evenly coating my nail. Gotta learn that still. Maybe then they'll stay better.

These are so pretty!

And this is the brand. Medium length nails. Ha! These are too long for me. Difficult to type, contacts would be impossible I'm guessing. Even my own nails seem to get stuck to jacket pockets and stuff so these will too, unless I'm too careful with these then...

Do you use fake nails? Acrylics, gel, press-on? What's your favorite?

PS. Check out the post from this morning below this post!

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