Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nail update

A week has passed since I put on press on nails. Link to that post.

I really did like them. But they were too long for me. I kept hitting my fingers to car doors and wherever. It is not a pleasant feeling when the fake nail and your own nails is pulled backwards because you hit things. I had trouble zipping up my jeans, buttoning my coat, I could not take off my contacts without fearing that I'll poke my eye and go blind. I wore contacts only once during the time I had the nails. These nails were medium length.

They were so pretty! I loved having long nails because they looked so, so nice, but they just weren't practical for me. My youngest nephew is now 10 weeks old and you can probably imagine how it was to change his diapers and dress him. I was afraid I'll poke his eye out with my nails. I didn't, so no need to worry! :D

But they were so pretty.

I had nailpolish remover that was just acetone + some oil. Nothing else. It took a couple Friends episodes for the nails to melt off. Yeah, I had my fingers of one hand in a cup full of acetone for the duration of one episode. It took about 5 minutes to get the molten fake nail off of my nail. Then I watched another Friends episode and had my other hand in the cup. It was a lengthy process but I got them off. I got most of the glue off, I could've gotten it all but I didn't feel like soaking my fingers in acetone anymore. There's a little left. It's messy business.

Some nailpolish removers have dried my fingers so badly, but this didn't. And this was only acetone and some oil that I can't remember name of anymore cause I threw the bottle out (DO NOT pour acetone to the drains! It's a hazardous substance so be sure to get rid of it the right way. I put the acetone I used back to the nail polish remover bottle that was almost empty anyway and I am taking the bottle to the hazardous substance trash place whatever it's called.)

I haven't used any kinds of lotion on my hands at all. I haven't even put body lotion on my body since then so I haven't gotten any kind of lotion and look at the skin of my fingers now., didn't get a irritating reaction.. Pretty awesome huh? Not dry at all.

I cut all my nails quite short now. The nails on my thumbs', index fingers' an middle fingers ' nails hardly ever grow much longer because I guess I do a lot of work with my hands so they don't get a chance to grow, but my ring fingers' and pinkys' nails grow longer. Long nails look so, so nice but they really are not practical for me.

no flash

I painted my nails with China Glaze's Grape Pop. This is my first China Glaze nailpolish. I believe I'm going to get more of them from somewhere. Why? Because I realized that in the end they're cheaper. The usual nailpolish brand that I buy is like 5-7 euros a bottle. It has 6 ml of stuff in it. CG was 9€ or so, but it has 14ml of product. Over double the amount of product for not double the price. And if I get them from an online store or abroad they'll most likely be cheaper.

with flash

Do you know of any good online stores for nailpolish?

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