Monday, May 3, 2010

Tutorial - Red & Silver

I was supposed to upload this yesterday but since I found out on Saturday night that I have a rather difficult and extremely detailed exam on Monday morning. I spent yesterday studying for it and didn't do anything to my blog because I did not have the time. I also had to go visit my parents so this blog was not my priority. Now after the exam I have a little time to update before my next class at 2PM.

This is a red + silver tutorial and the end result looks like this.

First I applied NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil Milk to the inner corner. Coastal scents gel liner in Maroon to the rest of the lid, like so.

Then Glamour Doll Secretive. Secretive is a gorgeous pink that unfortunately does not photograph well at all.

GDE Lovers Lane, which is a dark, maroon, shimmery red to the outer half or so. Concentrating a little in the middle of the lid. Then Grimas matte 545 which is a dark red to the outer corner and crease. Lower lash line lined with Grimas too.

I blended the eyeshadows with a basic shimmery silver. I used it a little as a highlight as well.

Liner + mascara.

This liner is a little different from my usual. It's not my usual winged liner either. It's somewhere in between.

Hope you like it!

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