Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lumene Natural Code lipglosses -lip gloss review part 1

I decided to review the Lumene Natural Code lipglosses for you. Unfortunately these are sold only in my country I believe. :( But these are my and many other beauty bloggers' favorite lipglosses so I'm still going to tell you about these.

There are like 10 different shades now I think. I never count, but based on the numbers of the lipglosses there are 10.

I have 5, but I only found 4. I know I have 5 of these, one must be in one of my bags then.

The bottles hold 5ml, so 0.17 FL.OZ. It's not a brush, but it's not a doe foot applicator either. It looks a little weird, but it really is very simple to use. I'm guessing it is a new invention or something. I should've taken a picture of it. The applicator is sort of like an hourglass, so it really applies the lip gloss on your lips well.


I actually like to use 3, 5 and 10 alone a lot. Gloss number 9 does not work alone on me at all. It makes my lips look way too light for my skin tone and I am seriously pale. It is like you'd put concealor that's lighter than your skin, and then colorless lip gloss on. That's why it doesn't work alone, I use it only on a lipstick.

3 Soft papaya is a lovely natural color, a little orange, but really natural.

5 Fresh pink in the bottle looks bright red with glitter, but it doesn't change my lip color much so it's good, and then there's the glitter.

9 Sheer Nougat is the one that doesn't work alone. It's way too light to be used alone, I think. I'm sure some like it, but I just don't like that look.

10 Berry Sherbet is a strongish lip gloss. Lots of shimmer and it's darker anyway so it's almost like a lipstick+lipgloss.

These are not too sticky at all. They're just perfect. I didn't really like lip glosses much before I started using these actually. You can definately feel them on your lips, but really I have no complaints. And these aren't even that expensive. I think, these were around 5-6€ each.

The bottles don't leak either, which I'll talk about with some other lip glosses, that are fantastic in color and smell etc. but the bottles leak so I'm not too happy about it.

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