Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maybelline Pulse Perfection aka the vibrating mascara

Not too long ago someone sent me Maybelline's Pulse Perfection aka the vibrating mascara. I did not get it so that I could review it on my blog, the person did not even know I have a makeup blog. It was a gift.

I will do a more in depth review later when I have used it a little more so this post is just my first opinion of it.

I think they only sell this mascara in black. I don't know if this is waterproof or not because the bottle does not say anything about it, which makes me think it is not waterproof. It's easy to remove with makeup removers.

The wand is a little flimsy so I got to be very careful when I'm done with the mascara for that day that I dont bend it too much when closing it.

The wand and bristles are made of rubber, the bristles are not too hard like in Max Factor's FLE, cause those irritated my eyes.

The idea of putting a mascara wand close to your eye and lashes while it vibrates is a little intimidating at first, but it really does not feel too bad actually.

I doesn't shed during the day at all. The color good. There are no clumps and it's easy to build the lashes with it while the mascara is still a little moist. Once it has dried it's impossible and then you get clumps and/or the spider leg lashes.

Have you tried this or heard of it?

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