Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black lipgloss

Quite a long time ago I bought Rimmel's black lip gloss Black Diva. I'm not entirely sure if it is sold anymore. I didn't really know how I'd use it but I had to get it. EventuallyI figured out a way to use it. This is nothing special, probably the most common way of using it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I put a bright red lip liner all over my lips. Then I used Artdeco lipstick 506, which is a rich darkish red. I couldn't find it from Artdeco's webpage so I'm guessing that is not sold anymore either... Black Diva lipgloss concentrating more to the outer corners and bringing it inwards. I wanted the middle to be rather clear of black lipgloss.

Here I put a little more of the lipgloss. It can turn out looking really bad and dirty if there's too much.

Pictures are not photoshopped at all!

And this is the eyemakeup that I wore on the day I wore the lipstick + lipgloss.

Would you use black lipgloss?

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