Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYX hauls + swatches

I was doing my hair today when something dropped in my mailbox!

My order from Cherry Culture, that I did last week.

I got some NYX products. 

I haven't been too satisfied with NYX's lipsticks. It's all my fault though. I believed Cherry Culture's swatches, and got lipsticks that were nothing like what I expected. Same thing happened with a jumbo eyeshadow pencil (French Fries). From that one order failure I learned, well I shouldn't say failure cause I do use the lipsticks, they just weren't what I expected, but I like to use one of the two at least. The other isn't bad, but not what I typicaly would use.

I googled tons of swatches and then still decided to order only 1 lipstick.


Here's a swatch first on my hand and then on my lips as well.

 In my previous order I got 4 jumbo eyeshadow pencils. Their swatches can be found here

In this order I got 7! I got another Milk, in case I run out of it. The other six are Cherry, Lemon, Purple, Slate, Cottage Cheese and Horse Raddish. 

First a look of the pencils.

Then swatches on my hand. 

Those two are clickable pictures.

Oh look. It's not Cherry, it's Chery. Haha. :D

Then today's eye of the day.

Any guesses with what this is created?

What's your experience with Cherry Culture or NYX?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A lil teaser

In my previous post I mentioned that I was expecting a package from the States. Well today I got the first one! I got Glamour Doll Eyes   Halloween set 1! I ordered it from the presale some weeks ago. Then a couple days ago I ordered the Halloween set 2. Last year I missed the sets... :(

I'm doing swatches and reviews later. For now the sets are not sold. Today Vee (owner) said she's making the shadows ready, and then when she's finished with a certain amount of sets, she'll put them up for sale so that they can be sent right away. I guess the first plan was to have a presale and then put the rest up for sale on October 1st. In the beginning, and still, there is only a limited amount of sets (2 sets all in all), only about 96 of both if I remember correctly, and she's had 2 presales already...

The sets are sold here.

If you have Twitter, remember to follow me (@Serafia_), Vee @veeglamour and the official Glamour Doll Eyes Twitter @glamourdolleyes. From Vee's and Glamour Doll Eyes twitters (and Facebook) you can find out when the sets are for sale again. I hear soon they'll be sold again. So go follow them.

How much do you know about Glamour Doll Eyes?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Holiday look - Fall leaves

You know, I have a great imagination. I'm sure no one else has drawn inspiration from the fall leaves. ;)

Here's my version of the many.

I used my newest baby, the Manly 120 Palette. (Just wait till I get my other babies that are on their way from the States. Yes, I did some shopping on several occasions. If my calculations are correct, I should be getting the first package this week!)

But back to this look. As I said, I used the Manly 120 palette. 

Click on the picture to see the numbering and have a closer look on the colors!(See the written numbers by each eyeshadow? Yeah, that's my nerdiness kicking in. I recently created a log system that I know what products I use etc... I know the ThePinkLadyJ (on youtube) has one like mine, I basically copied her A LOT.)

And here are the drawings or something on my lid.

I put NYX's Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Pots&Pans on the whole lid. Also a matte skin colored shadow under the brows to ease blending later.

Then color #2 on the middle quarters of the lid.

 Color #3 in the crease, and color #5 to the outer corner.
 Color #1 to the inner corner. Color #6 to the outer corner. Color #4 I used as a liner. It applied ridiculously well with a Coastal Scents IB113 Taklon liner brush.

Then I noticed that the line on my browbone is a little too harsh, so I added color #1 (earlier put in the inner corner) to the harsh line and blended that with the highlight I used in the very beginning. 

(Remember, the colors are not modified at all in a photo editing program. I only changed places where I took the photos. In a darker corner, by a lamp, on my sunny balcony, but not in direct sunlight.)

What's your favorite look for the fall? 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Very simple look.

Hey everyone!

Today's eye of the day is a very simple look. Not a very natural look as you can see.

My everyday makeup tends to be a whole lot darker than the average girl's. Probably what I wear during the day is what majority of people who are not as crazy about makeup as I am, wear on a night out if even then, you know what I mean right?

I used MAC's Bare Study on the whole lid.

Skinny Jeans by GDE on the whole lid. Then dark matte brown in the crease. Black eyeliner and mascara to finish the look with.

It was a fun day at the chemistry lab today. I took these pictures after I came home. So this is what my makeup looks 5 hours after applying it. I don't ever touch up my makeup (with the exception of lip stuff) during the day.

Glamour Doll Eyes products can be bought from here.

What's your routine with touch ups? Do you do it, or just let your makeup be?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A mix of all things...

In July I spent 3 weeks in Brighton, UK. I flew there without any shampoo or hair conditioner so that was the first thing on my shopping list. I was planning on leaving these there behind me, but I couldn't resist taking them back home cause they were so lovely!

Anything even minutely flavored with citrus scents gets me every time. I love citrus scents!

I got the Alberto Balsam shampoo and hair conditioner for normal/dry hair. It was mandarin flavored (and papaya).

These are 400ml bottles, so quite big, but they were a little cheaper compared to prices over here I think. Can't remember the exact price though. :( I got these from Superdrug.

Here's where it gets interesting! I always remember complaining on how I run out of shampoo long before hair conditioner... After using these products for about 5 weeks (left these home when I went on my central europe trip) I've used a whole lot more of hair conditioner than shampoo! Okay, in England I didn't have any shower gel with me, so when I shaved my legs I used hair conditioner instead of shower gel, but I didn't use it that much.

I drew the lines in the picture above to really show the difference!

My hair smells so, so nice and it's really soft too! I only shampoo the roots and put hair conditioner only in the ends, or well I make a ponytail with my hands and then put the hair conditioner to that part of hair.

This is yesterday's eye of the day...

Amazing quality makeup I must say! I went to football (soccer) practice yesterday with this on cause I didn't feel like removing my makeup before, and everything stayed in place. Nothing moved. I've practiced and competed with makeup on, and this brand still keeps wowing me after all these years. Let me say that our practices aren't exactly light, you sweat a whole lot, and still makeup stayed on perfectly. :D

What's your favorite brand of hair care?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tutorial - Favorite team's colors.

Time for a little tutorial... Inspired by my favorite hockey team; team colors are blue, orange and white. The season begins in 10 days... :D Cannot wait!!!

In the finished looked the orange isn't as in your face-type as it is on my teams hockey pants...

I didn't have enough individual lashes left, so the lashes look like they end too far away from the inner corner, and they do, but I just had the lashes for this tutorial. I need to go buy new ones...

First I put some eyeshadow primer on and a light layer of NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk on the eyelid.

The I put Glamour Doll Eyes Disco White to the inner corner and tear duct area. GDE orange Jailhouse Jumpsuit to the rest of the lid. I now realized I should have only put Jailhouse Jumpsuit to the middle of the lid, you'll see why soon...

This is why. The GDE MIngles began turning a little greenish because, if you know your color theory, yellow and blue make green, and orange is a little yellow...

I intensified the blue quite a lot by just packing on the color. I also put some of the blue MIngles to the lower lash line area.

I tried to create kind of a triangle area to the outer corner with the blue. I like that look.

I used Makeup Store's black gel liner and matte black eyeshadow as a liner. I put gel eyeliner and the black eyeshadow on the lower water line as well. I added several coats of black eyeshadow and added individual lashes. I only had 1 short one left, so majority of these are the long ones, and then there's a few medium length ones. Should've put a couple long ones more so then I would have had some fake lashes near the inner corner as well, now they kind of end abruptly. :/

End result.

What are your thoughts? :D What are you favorite fake lashes? Do you use them often?