Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A lil teaser

In my previous post I mentioned that I was expecting a package from the States. Well today I got the first one! I got Glamour Doll Eyes   Halloween set 1! I ordered it from the presale some weeks ago. Then a couple days ago I ordered the Halloween set 2. Last year I missed the sets... :(

I'm doing swatches and reviews later. For now the sets are not sold. Today Vee (owner) said she's making the shadows ready, and then when she's finished with a certain amount of sets, she'll put them up for sale so that they can be sent right away. I guess the first plan was to have a presale and then put the rest up for sale on October 1st. In the beginning, and still, there is only a limited amount of sets (2 sets all in all), only about 96 of both if I remember correctly, and she's had 2 presales already...

The sets are sold here.

If you have Twitter, remember to follow me (@Serafia_), Vee @veeglamour and the official Glamour Doll Eyes Twitter @glamourdolleyes. From Vee's and Glamour Doll Eyes twitters (and Facebook) you can find out when the sets are for sale again. I hear soon they'll be sold again. So go follow them.

How much do you know about Glamour Doll Eyes?


  1. I've heard about it but don't know much.

    Looking forward to seeing the swatches and review!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Please do check them out if you are interested. :)


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