Thursday, September 9, 2010

A mix of all things...

In July I spent 3 weeks in Brighton, UK. I flew there without any shampoo or hair conditioner so that was the first thing on my shopping list. I was planning on leaving these there behind me, but I couldn't resist taking them back home cause they were so lovely!

Anything even minutely flavored with citrus scents gets me every time. I love citrus scents!

I got the Alberto Balsam shampoo and hair conditioner for normal/dry hair. It was mandarin flavored (and papaya).

These are 400ml bottles, so quite big, but they were a little cheaper compared to prices over here I think. Can't remember the exact price though. :( I got these from Superdrug.

Here's where it gets interesting! I always remember complaining on how I run out of shampoo long before hair conditioner... After using these products for about 5 weeks (left these home when I went on my central europe trip) I've used a whole lot more of hair conditioner than shampoo! Okay, in England I didn't have any shower gel with me, so when I shaved my legs I used hair conditioner instead of shower gel, but I didn't use it that much.

I drew the lines in the picture above to really show the difference!

My hair smells so, so nice and it's really soft too! I only shampoo the roots and put hair conditioner only in the ends, or well I make a ponytail with my hands and then put the hair conditioner to that part of hair.

This is yesterday's eye of the day...

Amazing quality makeup I must say! I went to football (soccer) practice yesterday with this on cause I didn't feel like removing my makeup before, and everything stayed in place. Nothing moved. I've practiced and competed with makeup on, and this brand still keeps wowing me after all these years. Let me say that our practices aren't exactly light, you sweat a whole lot, and still makeup stayed on perfectly. :D

What's your favorite brand of hair care?

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