Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYX hauls + swatches

I was doing my hair today when something dropped in my mailbox!

My order from Cherry Culture, that I did last week.

I got some NYX products. 

I haven't been too satisfied with NYX's lipsticks. It's all my fault though. I believed Cherry Culture's swatches, and got lipsticks that were nothing like what I expected. Same thing happened with a jumbo eyeshadow pencil (French Fries). From that one order failure I learned, well I shouldn't say failure cause I do use the lipsticks, they just weren't what I expected, but I like to use one of the two at least. The other isn't bad, but not what I typicaly would use.

I googled tons of swatches and then still decided to order only 1 lipstick.


Here's a swatch first on my hand and then on my lips as well.

 In my previous order I got 4 jumbo eyeshadow pencils. Their swatches can be found here

In this order I got 7! I got another Milk, in case I run out of it. The other six are Cherry, Lemon, Purple, Slate, Cottage Cheese and Horse Raddish. 

First a look of the pencils.

Then swatches on my hand. 

Those two are clickable pictures.

Oh look. It's not Cherry, it's Chery. Haha. :D

Then today's eye of the day.

Any guesses with what this is created?

What's your experience with Cherry Culture or NYX?


  1. Great swatches, thanks for posting!:D

    I believe you used Horse Raddish, am I right?:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Hey Marie! Thanks.

    Actually I didn't use any NYX products. Maybe the question was a little wrong of me to do, since I thought I posted a picture of the GDE shadows, not just the 'boxes'. My mistake. I used the GDE Halloween set 1. I swear I thought I posted a picture of the packages open, but I didn't after all... But anyway, that was GDE Halloween set 1, used 3 out of the 4 that are in the set. I didn't use the eyelight.


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