Monday, September 6, 2010

Tutorial - Favorite team's colors.

Time for a little tutorial... Inspired by my favorite hockey team; team colors are blue, orange and white. The season begins in 10 days... :D Cannot wait!!!

In the finished looked the orange isn't as in your face-type as it is on my teams hockey pants...

I didn't have enough individual lashes left, so the lashes look like they end too far away from the inner corner, and they do, but I just had the lashes for this tutorial. I need to go buy new ones...

First I put some eyeshadow primer on and a light layer of NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk on the eyelid.

The I put Glamour Doll Eyes Disco White to the inner corner and tear duct area. GDE orange Jailhouse Jumpsuit to the rest of the lid. I now realized I should have only put Jailhouse Jumpsuit to the middle of the lid, you'll see why soon...

This is why. The GDE MIngles began turning a little greenish because, if you know your color theory, yellow and blue make green, and orange is a little yellow...

I intensified the blue quite a lot by just packing on the color. I also put some of the blue MIngles to the lower lash line area.

I tried to create kind of a triangle area to the outer corner with the blue. I like that look.

I used Makeup Store's black gel liner and matte black eyeshadow as a liner. I put gel eyeliner and the black eyeshadow on the lower water line as well. I added several coats of black eyeshadow and added individual lashes. I only had 1 short one left, so majority of these are the long ones, and then there's a few medium length ones. Should've put a couple long ones more so then I would have had some fake lashes near the inner corner as well, now they kind of end abruptly. :/

End result.

What are your thoughts? :D What are you favorite fake lashes? Do you use them often?

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