Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tutorial - GDE Halloween Set 2

A look with GDE Halloween set 2. 

(I feel like I haven't written about anything but GDE lately, but what can I say, lot's of interesting stuff happening in that company! :D )

The finished look.
First I put on eyeshadow primer. Then Satan's Sheets-eyeshadow under my brow and in the middle of the eyelid. In retrospect, putting Satan's Sheets eyeshadow at this point is not really necessary, the effect wasn't what I hoped. You'll see what I mean later in this post.

I placed Infectious wet to the inner part of my eyelid. I used a basic eyeshadow brush, like this, it's the top one.

You can still kind of see Satan's Sheets in the middle, but not really that much after I put Undead to the outer part of the lid. First I applied it wet, and then I added some more dry. I used a brush like this, the third one from the bottom.

Undead is a little difficult. I don't know what it is, but it is a little difficult to use. I'm not sure if I use a wrong placing technique, wrong base or what, but Undead, for me, is not an easy color to use. I'm planning on trying different things that can I get it to work better for me.

Blending done at this point. Still a little Satan's Sheets visible, but I had hoped that there'd be more, which is why I added some more Satan's Sheets to the middle of the lid after blending. To ease the blending, I used a matte skin colored eyeshadow.

Then I put Teenage Witch with a wet eyeliner brush like this. I used the topmost brush. I took the pictures in natural lighting, we had some clouds so some are a little darker than others when the sun was blaring into my apartment through the windows... I haven't edited any of the pictures' colors, only added the text and resized them.

I focused on the lower lash line with Teenage Witch, and then what was left on my brush I placed to the top lash line. I didn't feel like lining the whole eye so I left it to the middle. Also I continued the lower lash line with Teenage Witch to the edge of Undead cause I like the effect. I blended them together just a little, very, very little.

I added a little more Satan's Sheets under my brow with a fluffy blending brush.

I like using a matte skin colored shadow to clean up any mess that there possibly is. It also helps blending a lot. For cleaning up mess, I like using a rather dense wide brush like this one on the bottom of the pic.

And there you have it. The first look with the Halloween set 2. I did another look, but I'm posting that later cause I gotta go study for my exams!

What do you think? Hope you like it! :D


  1. Gorgeous make up!

  2. Its perfect for halloween! And even for going out on a regual night! I don't really like orange eyeshadow but looks fantastic! great job!

    You have a great blog! :) Im gonna follow you!
    Hope you visit and follow meback!

    have a great weekend!

    Lots of love from belgium,

  3. Fashion Fabrice: Thank you so much for your comment! I know I wasn't a fan of orange eyeshadow earlier, but lately I've noticed that I grab for the orange shadows a lot. They're so nice. :D I'll have a look of your blog! Thank you for subscribing!

    Fashion Rehab: Thank you for your nice comment! And thanks for checking out my blog! :D


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