Friday, November 19, 2010


It's official.

I don't know how to do makeup on others.

For Halloween I did my best friend's makeup, and that turned out quite okay. I did this makeup look on her somehow.

Then last Friday we went to a club to see this one band play and she wanted me to do her makeup. She dressed in red and black, I wanted to do a red look on her, and I started. Big Mistake!!! I just made her look sick. She removed the red and I started again. I decided to stick to neutrals, cause those are a safer in the end. I'm not too happy with how this look turned out, but she wanted me to do her makeup, and I did. And it didn't turn out _that_ bad, now that I think of it. The colors suited her and complemented her quite well. It's not perfect but I need to learn to do makeup on others too before our Lady Gaga-night. ;)

In the future, posts where I show you my work on others are under the tag wannabe-mua.

Now the look.

Problem #1. Her eye shape is different to mine. I'm not used to different eyeshapes.
Problem #2. I had to use different grips on my brushes, and draw on someone else.
Problem #3. I was afraid of poking her in the eye with either a brush or an eyeliner, which I ended up doing.

I probably should've asked her for a permission to upload a picture of the makeup I did on her, but I didn't. But before she sat down on the makeup chair I told her I was going to take a picture of the finished look and put that on my blog. :P She kept sitting in the makeup chair, hence, the picture is here.

And this is what I did on myself. It's not that great... I wish it would've looked better...

What do you think of my friend's look or mine? Do you do makeup on others? Any wise words?


  1. Vaikeaa tehdä muille... Ei siis varmaan muu auta kuin tottuminen/ harjoittelu :) Tosi nätti kyllä tuli, tosin lila on suosikkini!

  2. It is HARD to do makeup on other people! For all the reasons you said. If I do someone's eye makeup, I make them put on liner and mascara, I'm too afraid of poking them.

  3. Mä lähdin mukaan ainejärjestömme näytelmän maskeeraustiimiin, siellä tulee meikattua muita. Ihan hemmetin ärsyttävää, kun mulla tärisee kädet koko ajan. Rauhassa ja ajan kanssa onnistuu, muutaman lonkeron jälkeen, mutta selvinpäin jännitän ihan hirveästi. Ei olis musta maskeeraajaksi. :D

    Mut irtoripsiä olen parempi laittamaan muille kuin itselleni! :D

    Vinkkejä? Hmm, ne pari lonkeroa tai olutta.

  4. graphology: Thank you!

    Fashionedinfinland: Harjottelen kunhan vain löydään lisää ihmisiä, jotka uskaltaa istuutua meikkituoliin ja saada silmänsä tänne blogiin. :D

    Heather: Yeah I asked my friend to add mascara herself, but I did the liner. The top liner is alright, but the lower lid is way difficult..

    Sonia: Joo meillä ei ollu kovin paljoa aikaa. Oli aluksi, mutta sitten meni toi punanen meikki ihan pieleen, joten piti nopeasti keksiä uusi. Täytyykin koittaa paria olutta ensin. Nyt join ne jälkikäteen. :D


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