Monday, January 17, 2011

Not for daily use.

I posted a preview of this a couple weeks ago, saying I'd post the whole tutorial the following weekend. Yeah, I didn't. Sorry about that! I used the Manly 120 palette in this, and NYX's jumbo eyeshadow pencils.


First I applied a primer and then as a base I used NYX's jumbo eyeshadow pencils in Lemon and Purple.

I took a picture of my Manly and numbered them for personal use. Now I will use the same numbers here, I'll post a picture of the whole Manly so that you can see what colors I used. The numbers are explained with each picture.

I put 112 and 114 like this:

Then I added a highlight. You can use whatever you like for this. Then I applied a lighter purple, 88, a little over the purple 112, and on the Lemon jumbo pencil.

I took greenish shadows 4 and 10. 4 I placed in the innermost corner, 10 next to it, more on the lid.
 I took a blueish purple, 35, and placed that on the line of the purple 88 and green 10. 

I decided to add alittle more green to the border of green and purple. This time it was green 39.

I used a kajal liner in black on the top and bottom waterlines, and added mascara.

I took some black 114 and green 39 on a pencil brush and placed that on the lower lash line. Then I also blended the purple some more...

I added crazy lashes...

 ... that I wore for Halloween (I was Morticia Addams), but this time they had gone bad, and refused to function properly, so I threw them out after I took the pictures... Also the glue wasn't good anymore. Those two reasons are why the lashes look all weird, cause I didn't manage to place them properly.
Definitely not using that glue anymore... or this brand lashes... I want more than 1.5 uses out of them. 

Finished look! 


Guess what my boyfriend said about this? He came home and said that "I'm going to say this now so that you believe me later, you've looked prettier." I didn't expect him to ask me to do my makeup like this every day, but I didn't expect what he said. Then  a while later before going to sleep he asked me if I got insulted by his words. I did and I didn't. You know? I don't expect him to say something about blending or something, but I expected something like "I like the colors" or something. He knows and I know I wont use makeup like this on a daily basis. This was for this blog for new years. I don't know. I can't remember what I felt that day, cause it was a while ago. I did this on like the last or the second last day of 2010...

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