Monday, February 21, 2011

Looks - Greens

I did this look in the beginning of February, but only now posting it. I hadn't uploaded the pictures from my camera onto my computer for a long time.

It definitely needs black eyeliner. Definitely.

I used NYX's eyeshadow primer first. Then Make Up Store's Leaf. I applied that on the whole lid.

I placed Artdeco's Eye Designer in 52 Green Jewel which I forgot to add in the picture, to the crease, outer corner and upper lash line.

To add depth I added MAC's Plumage to the outer corner and a little up the crease.

Do you like it? 

PS. Found a new fantastic black eye liner! More on that later...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Normal user, or addict?

One morning I could not do my makeup when I normally do it, so I moved to the kitchen. Usually I take a product out, use it, put it back to the drawer where it's from. Now that I was in the kitchen I didn't feel like walking back and forth doing that, so I took all the stuff with me.

These are the products I use on a daily basis. Eyeshadows might change, but really this is it. I know that for some this might be a lot, especially for non-makeup geeks. But for us makeup bloggers, this just might be the norm, or maybe people use even more? Do you?

-brushes: Kabuki for powder foundation, eye liner brush, 4 eyeshadow brushes, blush brush, bronzer brush
-3 eyeshadows + trio (used only the skin color there cause that is used for blending mostly),
-bronzer for contouring
-eye and face primers
-powder foundation
-MAC paint pot
-2 mascaras

I was in a hurry to go somewhere so I didn't clean up immediately. My boyfriend saw this, and I said "yeah I know, that looks like a huge amount of stuff I wear daily". He had to ask, to make sure, "you have all this stuff on your face right now?" Then he continued that it "doesn't seem like thish much makeup that you have on now."

Girls, I did it. I use a lot of makeup, without making it look like I have a lot on. Wooooo!

Now, what do you use on a daily basis?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup Storage and Organization - so far

I changed my apartment around and reorganized my makeup. Earlier they were in my table's drawers, but a while ago I went to Ikea (okay, in May) and got a rolling drawer-thing that initially was for other stuff. But now it's all makeup.

At the top I have my brushes, box of qtips and brush cleaner, which isn't there at the moment.

In the top drawer I have single eyeshadows and eye shadow bases. 

Second drawer's first half is palettes and some single shadows.

Second half is my 88 neutral palette (bottom), 120 Manly and NYX 5 color palette. In this drawer I also keep my Glamour Doll Eyes sample baggies in this kind of a creation. (Idea from Nea/Fashioned in Finland)

Third drawer contains my face stuff. Liquid foundations at the back, I pretty much never use those, I tried, believe me I tried liquid foundations, but I just hate them. Blushes on the right, and some Lily Lolo samples, bronzer, translucent powder on the left. At the back I also keep all the cards I've gotten from Glamour Doll Eyes with my orders.

I have my lipsticks, concealers, cake and gel liners in the fourth drawer.
In the fifth drawer I keep my pencil or liquid eyeliners, mascaras and eye lash curlers, and some lashes at the back. All the eyeliners are in a box, mascaras in another. Extra, unopened mascaras are just at the back waiting for their turn. The fourth and fifth drawers are not in an order that I like, so I'm not showing them. I just took these now cause I'm stuck at home with a broken foot.

The last drawer has my nail polishes and fake nails. 

Then in my bathroom I have three shelves full of stuff. The shelves are just on top of the toilet, so I had to put them in boxes, to clean the shelves up a little, and to avoid them falling into the toilet in case the toilet's lid is accidentally left up. It's still a little messy... At the top I have nail polish removers, sun screens, brush cleaner soap and my perfumes.

Middle shelf has extra bottles, contacts, etc on the left. Then we go on into the face products I use daily. And on the right are some moisturizers (behind the hair spray and dry shampoo).

The bottom shelf has my hair clips and stuff like that. Tooth brushes and paste, deodorants and hair products on the right.

When I started dating my boyfriend, and when he came over to my place the first couple times I was a little  worried about how he'd react to all my face and makeup stuff. But he didn't freak out. He said it seems like a normal amount for a girl like me and with my background. Now I was shocked.

What's your storage and organization like?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lumene - Excellength

This mascara was definitely the weirdest I have used. Not because of the consistency, but because of the wand. It is tiny. From the tip to the end it is 1.5 cm. It's a round brush and the diameter is (bristle-to-bristle) is about 0.5 cm. It is tiny! I don't think it is a bad thing though! 7 ml (0.24 fl.oz) of product.

On the bottle it says "Excellength Mascara - with Natural Lash-Extenders" and "Smudge-free formula, precise plastic brush. Ultimate length and separation."

This is a lenghtening mascara and I do think it does a little what it promises. I think my lashes are a little longer. I never measured, but really I do think they seem a little longer. This does not create volume. The mascara does not smell. Because the wand is this small, I don't get much of it on my eyelid. And if I do, it's easy to remove even with a lot of eyeshadow and eyeliner on already.

I do like the color of the Blueberry Volume Mascara package more. It's so nice and purple. The metallic gray is great too, but the metallic purple is nicer.

Then some swatches. I almost always put 10 layers or so. Not 1 or 2 anyways. And so that's what I did now too. I don't see many clumps at all. No spider lashes. To create more volume, I add another mascara  on top of this before this has dried. But that's not in the picture. All in all a very nice mascara.

I don't have issues with transferring, removing it or anything. The mascara stays put.