Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup Storage and Organization - so far

I changed my apartment around and reorganized my makeup. Earlier they were in my table's drawers, but a while ago I went to Ikea (okay, in May) and got a rolling drawer-thing that initially was for other stuff. But now it's all makeup.

At the top I have my brushes, box of qtips and brush cleaner, which isn't there at the moment.

In the top drawer I have single eyeshadows and eye shadow bases. 

Second drawer's first half is palettes and some single shadows.

Second half is my 88 neutral palette (bottom), 120 Manly and NYX 5 color palette. In this drawer I also keep my Glamour Doll Eyes sample baggies in this kind of a creation. (Idea from Nea/Fashioned in Finland)

Third drawer contains my face stuff. Liquid foundations at the back, I pretty much never use those, I tried, believe me I tried liquid foundations, but I just hate them. Blushes on the right, and some Lily Lolo samples, bronzer, translucent powder on the left. At the back I also keep all the cards I've gotten from Glamour Doll Eyes with my orders.

I have my lipsticks, concealers, cake and gel liners in the fourth drawer.
In the fifth drawer I keep my pencil or liquid eyeliners, mascaras and eye lash curlers, and some lashes at the back. All the eyeliners are in a box, mascaras in another. Extra, unopened mascaras are just at the back waiting for their turn. The fourth and fifth drawers are not in an order that I like, so I'm not showing them. I just took these now cause I'm stuck at home with a broken foot.

The last drawer has my nail polishes and fake nails. 

Then in my bathroom I have three shelves full of stuff. The shelves are just on top of the toilet, so I had to put them in boxes, to clean the shelves up a little, and to avoid them falling into the toilet in case the toilet's lid is accidentally left up. It's still a little messy... At the top I have nail polish removers, sun screens, brush cleaner soap and my perfumes.

Middle shelf has extra bottles, contacts, etc on the left. Then we go on into the face products I use daily. And on the right are some moisturizers (behind the hair spray and dry shampoo).

The bottom shelf has my hair clips and stuff like that. Tooth brushes and paste, deodorants and hair products on the right.

When I started dating my boyfriend, and when he came over to my place the first couple times I was a little  worried about how he'd react to all my face and makeup stuff. But he didn't freak out. He said it seems like a normal amount for a girl like me and with my background. Now I was shocked.

What's your storage and organization like?


  1. I think you did a good job organizing your beauty products.:D

    I use drawers too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Marie, thanks. :) Drawers are simple to use. :)


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