Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UDPP and other eyeshadow primer

My first one and for long the only eyeshadow primer was the eyeshadow primer by Lumene.

I have been very pleased with it. It matches my skin tone so if I'm not even wearing foundation, I put on this and it makes my eyelids match my face color. 

I've used this so that I apply this on my eyelid and brow bone, and put my mineral powder foundation on top of it. Then the eyeshadows and I haven't had any problems. I have heard negative reviews about this that this would be utter crap, but I really don't see it... 

I had this for well over a year, and finally the day came that I could not squeeze anymore out of the package. I though, oh I might as well cut this open and get the last bits and pieces out and on my eyelids. Lo and behold, there was a whole lot left!!! The unused, full sized primer is 7 ml. And there was this much left...

I took my smallest package where I could put the rest of the primer, and that was a 30 ml container, too big yes, but it was my smallest.

And to think I was about to throw this away. I've always known, that in bottles like this, there will always be some left, but I did not think this much. Body lotions I always open up, cause they're in a bottle like this, but the amount in proportion to the package is nothing like this.

Because I knew I was running out of this primer, I ordered Urban Decay Primer Potion from It took a while to get to me, so I went and bought another Lumene primer, and I have yet to open it, and UDPP, because I have this much of this left...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail polish haul and review. Fruity smelling polishes.

I bought a few nailpolishes a while ago...

I got Rimmel London's new fruity smelling nailpolishes. I only found two of the four polishes - Apricot Punch and Cranberry Zest.

The nailpolish smells like nailpolish when it's wet, but when it's dry it's a very fruity scent. It's quite strong actually. On the first day it gave me a little headache, but the next day it was better, smelled less strongly. 

The two colors I have smell different, but not by much. I put one color in one hand and the other in my other hand, except I switched the polishes around for my ring fingers.

I don't like Apricot Punch, the peach one. It doesn't look good for my skin tone. I'm too pale. Cranberry Zest is way better. and it smells nice, though they smell very similar.

Under the color polishes I put this, which is also a new addition to my nailpolish collection. Until now, I've just put a layer of topcoat under a color polish, but now I purchased an actual base coat polish. It's "double duty", it is a base coat and strengthens and protects nails supposedly.

I bought a top coat to go with it. Also by Rimmel London. It's an ultra shine top coat. So far, I haven't thought of it to be more shiny than any other top coat... I've used this a lot after I bought it, but not on top of the fruit smelling nail polishes at all.

On another trip I bought two Models Own polishes, but I can't find the better, the gorgeous blue one. I think I must have forgotten it at my boyfriend's place, cause I had it there with me. 

Anyways, this green, Jade Stone, is gorgeous, but looks horrible on me! :(

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looks - St. Patrick's Day

This year I didn't do a green makeup look, but I had a green shirt on so I didn't get pinched. ;)

Last year I wore a look like this.

That post can be found here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Boy, it's already March 11th! Zebra sticker nails!

Yeah, I'm a little shocked of this. It's March! It was just January!

Anyways, I did some shopping the other day. I had heard of these before but couldn't get my hands on them earlier. 

Sticker nails. Isn't that cool? :D

These are by Wild & Mild. I got two different kinds. Silver-black zebra print. And pink/orangeish leopard print. Haven't tried the latter ones out yet. I put on the cooler ones, the silver-black zebras.

The stickers come in a paper slip like this. The more square looking ones I had already used. Thought that I can reuse them later. They are all silver and black. Not black and gold or anything even thought it might look like that on the left in the picture. 

You can click on all the pictures and see them in a greater size.

 The instructions say: Remove previous nailpolish, and push cuticles back, apply a base coat, choose a sticker of the right size, apply the sticker with the adhesive side on the nail, file your nails with the nail file that came with and lastly apply a top coat. BIG MISTAKE!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT add a top coat. Your nails will end up looking like this:

The crackle effect is achieved when you do not want it.

I left these on and put the stickers on my right hand's nails and they look way better. 

All the stickers weren't that good in size compared to my nails, so there are gaps here and there. Or the sticker looks like it's gone beyond my nail onto my finger.

So now I have crappy looking nails on my left hand, and good ones on my right. Soon I'm gonna go take  a shower and see how these babies handle the heat, I'll report back after that. 

In the meantime, how are you all doing? :D

Edit. March 11, 2011 6.57 PM. Nails are still on. Hot water, shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, body lotion did not change the appearance of the nails. They are still in place, the corners look good. Nothing happened even though I put them through the ringer. Okay, I still could test them when I wash dishes, but I don't know if I'm doing that today or asking someone else nicely to do them. ;)