Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail polish haul and review. Fruity smelling polishes.

I bought a few nailpolishes a while ago...

I got Rimmel London's new fruity smelling nailpolishes. I only found two of the four polishes - Apricot Punch and Cranberry Zest.

The nailpolish smells like nailpolish when it's wet, but when it's dry it's a very fruity scent. It's quite strong actually. On the first day it gave me a little headache, but the next day it was better, smelled less strongly. 

The two colors I have smell different, but not by much. I put one color in one hand and the other in my other hand, except I switched the polishes around for my ring fingers.

I don't like Apricot Punch, the peach one. It doesn't look good for my skin tone. I'm too pale. Cranberry Zest is way better. and it smells nice, though they smell very similar.

Under the color polishes I put this, which is also a new addition to my nailpolish collection. Until now, I've just put a layer of topcoat under a color polish, but now I purchased an actual base coat polish. It's "double duty", it is a base coat and strengthens and protects nails supposedly.

I bought a top coat to go with it. Also by Rimmel London. It's an ultra shine top coat. So far, I haven't thought of it to be more shiny than any other top coat... I've used this a lot after I bought it, but not on top of the fruit smelling nail polishes at all.

On another trip I bought two Models Own polishes, but I can't find the better, the gorgeous blue one. I think I must have forgotten it at my boyfriend's place, cause I had it there with me. 

Anyways, this green, Jade Stone, is gorgeous, but looks horrible on me! :(

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?


  1. Hi Serafia!

    Can I just ask you something about the base coat? What does it look like if you wear it alone? I mean when you put it on, before applying the regular polish, what effect does it have?

    I really adore the color of it in the bottle and am considering to buy it to wear as regular nail color. Maybe with two coats and a top coat it could work?

    Also, how is the ingredient list? Does it have any of the "nasty" ingredients?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  2. Hey LightPinkPearl! Of course you can ask questions.

    I can do a more detailed blogpost about the base coat if you'd like.

    The base coat is a very sheer light pink when only 1 coat is applied. It has some shimmer in it too. It's my first ever real base coat, unfortunately I don't know exactly how it is different from regular polish or top coats. It's all in the ingredients I'm sure.

    I'm not typing this comment from home but from school, so I cannot check the ingredients, what it has or doesn't have. I'll add those to the blogpost. Maybe check in during the weekend and I'll have a better answer, with pictures possibly?

  3. Hi Serafia!

    That would be incredibly sweet of you!!! It is the pale pink color and the little shimmer in it that makes me want it so bad :D It just looks like such a perfect mixture to me.
    If you could perhaps also make a picture where you put two layers of the base coat on one nail? I just would like to see the effect. Thanks a million!

    As far as the ingredients, I would basically be interested to know if it contains toulene, formaldehyde or DBP... In other words, I would like to know if it is 3 free.

    There are other base coats from different brands that have a pastel color, and therefore are said to be able to be worn also alone for a delicate effect. Although this is not "recommended" with this product, the color is just lovely and I would not mind putting it on like a regular polish.

    Thanks again, and I will be back during the weekend! :)

  4. Your nails look really pretty...I love wearing more than one color on my nails...I don't think people I know get it though...

  5. Krista, I like to mix nail polishes as well. Usually if I mix them I have one polish on my left hand, and another on my right.


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