Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UDPP and other eyeshadow primer

My first one and for long the only eyeshadow primer was the eyeshadow primer by Lumene.

I have been very pleased with it. It matches my skin tone so if I'm not even wearing foundation, I put on this and it makes my eyelids match my face color. 

I've used this so that I apply this on my eyelid and brow bone, and put my mineral powder foundation on top of it. Then the eyeshadows and I haven't had any problems. I have heard negative reviews about this that this would be utter crap, but I really don't see it... 

I had this for well over a year, and finally the day came that I could not squeeze anymore out of the package. I though, oh I might as well cut this open and get the last bits and pieces out and on my eyelids. Lo and behold, there was a whole lot left!!! The unused, full sized primer is 7 ml. And there was this much left...

I took my smallest package where I could put the rest of the primer, and that was a 30 ml container, too big yes, but it was my smallest.

And to think I was about to throw this away. I've always known, that in bottles like this, there will always be some left, but I did not think this much. Body lotions I always open up, cause they're in a bottle like this, but the amount in proportion to the package is nothing like this.

Because I knew I was running out of this primer, I ordered Urban Decay Primer Potion from It took a while to get to me, so I went and bought another Lumene primer, and I have yet to open it, and UDPP, because I have this much of this left...

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