Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looks - Purples for May

So. Now I am finally done with my university courses for this spring. Depending on my work schedule, I might do some courses during the summer. I still haven't decided. I don't know when the courses begin, I don't know do I have the time with work. 

This purple look was for the eve of May Day (May 1st). I went out with my friends in our colored overalls that represent our study fields in our university. Mine aren't purple, but I tried red makeup and that didn't turn out well, so I removed it and did this.

I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk and purple at least.

Purples from Manly 120 palette. Probably like 5 different purples at least.

Do you like it?


  1. Like it!
    You have beautiful eyes:)

  2. Thank you -sissukas- and River!

  3. I just love yuor eyebrows :)


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