Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feet and nails

I mentioned in a post earlier that I have psoriasis. I have it on my skin, and now in my joints in my fingers and feet. Also I have had changes in my toe nails especially. I have some on my finger nails as well, but those have been very manageable and unnoticeable when I have nail polish on. My toe nails are a whole other story. Unfortunately.

I have always had small nails, and they have always been quite curved, you know from the edges,  so the nails are pretty much shaped like a parabola. Now the psoriasis changes have cause a lot of issues, because my nails are small to begin with and they also curve a lot. Needless to say, I'm not happy with my toe nails. I don't like showing my toes. If I wear sandals out, I always have a pair of socks with me in case I go inside and take off my shoes. (Here you never wear shoes inside, like someone's home you know. In public places shoes are worn ;). )

The point of this story is, that I wanted to ask you do you pay attention to other people's feet and toe nails, and how much? Do you automatically think that if someone has ugly, misshapen toe nails that they have like a fungus or something in the nails?

Also I'd like to ask you what nail polish color you think is the most unnoticeable.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My favorite, most flattering look.

I feel like this is my favorite look. In real life, this looks really flatterin on me, my eyes are it. Really nice looking, this is very easy to over-do and make it look horrible. But with the right shades this makes eyes look wonderful. I have darkish green eyes, with a little blue (and yellow). Contacts enhance the blue-ness a little, without contacts my eyes are more green-yellow.

I used GDE's Infectious on the lid. I softened the inner corner with NYX's beige from the trio Rock'n'Roll. I also used that to blend in the crease. I used MAC's Satin taupe in the crease and outer corner. Also under my lower lash line I put Infectious and Satin Taupe

Same picture without the text of products used. 

MAC's Satin taupe is probably my best MAC purchase. Probably the best, most versatile eyeshadow that I own. I use it in the crease just with MAC's Bare Study paint pot on the lid. Wonderful and simple.

Also, can I just say I love my eyebrows? I love, love, love them. Fine, they need a little cleaning up, but the shape in general is just awesome. :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lumene eye makeup remover

I never really used eye makeup removers before. I always used a makeup remover that I could use for both eye makeup and face makeup.

I bought Lumene's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover from the sensitive touch line.

Maybe you can see from the photo that I haven't used it much. In fact, I've used it twice.

I put this on a cotton pad, put that over my eye and keep it there for a while. It removes eye shadow, but not eyeliner or non-waterproof mascara. Do I just use that much mascara that this cannot remove it?  

I finally get most of the eye makeup off, and I decide to remove the rest with a face wash. Okay.That's fine. 

I've washed my face completely and I go onto applying a toner. It burns!!! I don't know what it is, but the area around my eyes where the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover was burned a whole lot when I put the toner. It really didn't feel good. 

I'm not happy. 

I feel quite awful bashing Lumene twice within a few days. Well, I don't think I really bashed the cleansing emulsion I reviewed earlier. I just discovered the product wasn't for me. 

I'm sure this works for some! If you use less mascara than I, and don't use toner after.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lumene cleansing emulsion

When we left for Rhodes, I had forgotten to take a face wash and  makeup remover with me. I bought a face wash from the airport before our flight left. 

I got Lumene's Cleansing Emulsion for sensitive skin. It's ultra-calming and fragrance free. Fragrance free it is, but I have issues with ultra-calming. Well, not really, I don't think it was very calming but it wasn't irritating either, it's a neutral feeling.

This washes well. It rinses off well. My skin does feel good after washing it. I did need to moisturize right away, like I always need to do. Maybe my skin felt the need of a moisturizer more quickly than with what I used normally.

This product is not for me, however. I want one product instead of two, or three. What I mean is, I want a product that removes all my makeup and cleans my face. I don't want to use two/three products, one/two to remove my makeup and another one to clean my face. I want a product that does both. I do wash my face twice, but with one product that does it all. I don't like using an eye makeup remover and a "normal" makeup remover separately, and then a facial wash, one product needs to do it all.

I do think this is a good facial wash nonetheless. You just can't use this to remove eye makeup because it should be kept away from the eyes. And yes, I know, this isn't a makeup remover, it's a facial wash, so it isn't for makeup removal as such. It's not suitable for eye makeup removing, but it does remove facial makeup though.

The product is not for me, but I can recommend it for someone who does not have sensitive or very dry skin, or for someone with dry skin on the surface. I think that even if this is marketed towards people with sensitive skin, this would be better for someone with normal skin.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rhodes Haul

I didn't shop much while in Rhodes. I just didn't feel like it. I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, and not have him wait while I shop for makeup.

We did stop at Sephora once we saw it on the second last day. 

They did have a sale. This nice sales person explained it to me, mostly by showing and signing, her English wasn't very good, but she did make a sale and bought the products she pointed at. :) I love it when you don't know each other's language and still can communicate and get your point across. :D

What I got was... Basically pay for 2, get an extra one. And then I bought a perfume as well.  I had had Vanilla Creme Brulee, but it was sold out now. That one is fabulous. No wonder it was sold out!

Scented Spray in blacberry red currant.

Lemon Meringue body lotion - Heavenly smell!!! Sooo delicious.

Blacberry Red Currant body wash. Very, very nice.

Strawberry rasberry body scrub. Probably the most authentic smell!

What I don't like about the lotion and wash is that they're very, very watery. The product slips through your fingers and out from the bottle even if you don't squeeze it at all, but just have the lid open and have the bottle downwards. The product is way, way too runny in both lotion and wash.