Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feet and nails

I mentioned in a post earlier that I have psoriasis. I have it on my skin, and now in my joints in my fingers and feet. Also I have had changes in my toe nails especially. I have some on my finger nails as well, but those have been very manageable and unnoticeable when I have nail polish on. My toe nails are a whole other story. Unfortunately.

I have always had small nails, and they have always been quite curved, you know from the edges,  so the nails are pretty much shaped like a parabola. Now the psoriasis changes have cause a lot of issues, because my nails are small to begin with and they also curve a lot. Needless to say, I'm not happy with my toe nails. I don't like showing my toes. If I wear sandals out, I always have a pair of socks with me in case I go inside and take off my shoes. (Here you never wear shoes inside, like someone's home you know. In public places shoes are worn ;). )

The point of this story is, that I wanted to ask you do you pay attention to other people's feet and toe nails, and how much? Do you automatically think that if someone has ugly, misshapen toe nails that they have like a fungus or something in the nails?

Also I'd like to ask you what nail polish color you think is the most unnoticeable.


  1. I sympathize with you. My favourite neutral nail colour at the moment is Tickle My France-y from OPI. It's an opaque creamy nude and blends into my skin tone.

  2. Honey with such strikingly beautiful eyes is there anyone out there really paying attention to your toe nails???? Still..I totally sympathise with you. I think Essie has some super nice nude/pale pink nail polishes which should be ideal for you :)

  3. Vita, thanks, I'll check that out. OPI polishes are ridiculously expensive here, like 16 euros which is 23 USD, so I might have to find it online somewhere if I want it.

    Iliana, I pay attention! And then I think others do to! :D Essie polishes I might have to order online too. At least the selection here (that I know of) is very small. We'll see what I find.


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