Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lumene cleansing emulsion

When we left for Rhodes, I had forgotten to take a face wash and  makeup remover with me. I bought a face wash from the airport before our flight left. 

I got Lumene's Cleansing Emulsion for sensitive skin. It's ultra-calming and fragrance free. Fragrance free it is, but I have issues with ultra-calming. Well, not really, I don't think it was very calming but it wasn't irritating either, it's a neutral feeling.

This washes well. It rinses off well. My skin does feel good after washing it. I did need to moisturize right away, like I always need to do. Maybe my skin felt the need of a moisturizer more quickly than with what I used normally.

This product is not for me, however. I want one product instead of two, or three. What I mean is, I want a product that removes all my makeup and cleans my face. I don't want to use two/three products, one/two to remove my makeup and another one to clean my face. I want a product that does both. I do wash my face twice, but with one product that does it all. I don't like using an eye makeup remover and a "normal" makeup remover separately, and then a facial wash, one product needs to do it all.

I do think this is a good facial wash nonetheless. You just can't use this to remove eye makeup because it should be kept away from the eyes. And yes, I know, this isn't a makeup remover, it's a facial wash, so it isn't for makeup removal as such. It's not suitable for eye makeup removing, but it does remove facial makeup though.

The product is not for me, but I can recommend it for someone who does not have sensitive or very dry skin, or for someone with dry skin on the surface. I think that even if this is marketed towards people with sensitive skin, this would be better for someone with normal skin.

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  1. Olen noita Lumenen putsareita katsellut sillä silmällä jo vähän aikaa, pitänee testata joskus :D


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