Friday, June 17, 2011

Lumene eye makeup remover

I never really used eye makeup removers before. I always used a makeup remover that I could use for both eye makeup and face makeup.

I bought Lumene's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover from the sensitive touch line.

Maybe you can see from the photo that I haven't used it much. In fact, I've used it twice.

I put this on a cotton pad, put that over my eye and keep it there for a while. It removes eye shadow, but not eyeliner or non-waterproof mascara. Do I just use that much mascara that this cannot remove it?  

I finally get most of the eye makeup off, and I decide to remove the rest with a face wash. Okay.That's fine. 

I've washed my face completely and I go onto applying a toner. It burns!!! I don't know what it is, but the area around my eyes where the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover was burned a whole lot when I put the toner. It really didn't feel good. 

I'm not happy. 

I feel quite awful bashing Lumene twice within a few days. Well, I don't think I really bashed the cleansing emulsion I reviewed earlier. I just discovered the product wasn't for me. 

I'm sure this works for some! If you use less mascara than I, and don't use toner after.

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