Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My favorite, most flattering look.

I feel like this is my favorite look. In real life, this looks really flatterin on me, my eyes are it. Really nice looking, this is very easy to over-do and make it look horrible. But with the right shades this makes eyes look wonderful. I have darkish green eyes, with a little blue (and yellow). Contacts enhance the blue-ness a little, without contacts my eyes are more green-yellow.

I used GDE's Infectious on the lid. I softened the inner corner with NYX's beige from the trio Rock'n'Roll. I also used that to blend in the crease. I used MAC's Satin taupe in the crease and outer corner. Also under my lower lash line I put Infectious and Satin Taupe

Same picture without the text of products used. 

MAC's Satin taupe is probably my best MAC purchase. Probably the best, most versatile eyeshadow that I own. I use it in the crease just with MAC's Bare Study paint pot on the lid. Wonderful and simple.

Also, can I just say I love my eyebrows? I love, love, love them. Fine, they need a little cleaning up, but the shape in general is just awesome. :D


  1. I can see why this is your favorite look, because it IS very flattering on you! I may steal this idea and post my favorite look if its cool :-)

  2. Oh and I love your eyebrows too!

  3. Krystal Leigh, go ahead and do this. I am sure I stole this idea from someone already, I just have no idea that from who... :D Thanks. :D


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