Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rhodes Haul

I didn't shop much while in Rhodes. I just didn't feel like it. I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, and not have him wait while I shop for makeup.

We did stop at Sephora once we saw it on the second last day. 

They did have a sale. This nice sales person explained it to me, mostly by showing and signing, her English wasn't very good, but she did make a sale and bought the products she pointed at. :) I love it when you don't know each other's language and still can communicate and get your point across. :D

What I got was... Basically pay for 2, get an extra one. And then I bought a perfume as well.  I had had Vanilla Creme Brulee, but it was sold out now. That one is fabulous. No wonder it was sold out!

Scented Spray in blacberry red currant.

Lemon Meringue body lotion - Heavenly smell!!! Sooo delicious.

Blacberry Red Currant body wash. Very, very nice.

Strawberry rasberry body scrub. Probably the most authentic smell!

What I don't like about the lotion and wash is that they're very, very watery. The product slips through your fingers and out from the bottle even if you don't squeeze it at all, but just have the lid open and have the bottle downwards. The product is way, way too runny in both lotion and wash. 

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