Friday, July 1, 2011

Monaco Wedding

For me the British royals aren't the most interesting. They just aren't. But I am interested in the Swedish royals and the ones from Monaco. (What are they? Monacoan? I have no idea.)

I adored Crown Princess Victoria's wedding dress last year. I had planned my own wedding dress, or more like I had a dream about it. Then Duchess Catherine stepped out of the car that drove her to Westminster Abbey and my dream crushed. Her top was exactly like how imagine mine to be. This means, I don't want to wear that kind of a dress anymore if I get married someday because everyone knows that dress and will say it's a copy. She had my dress. After seeing her dress, I lost the tiny bit of interest I had in the wedding. 

 ( picture )

Anyway I am very excited for the Monaco Wedding. I find Miss Charlene Wittstock to be very glamourous, very beautiful and extremely royal already, even before they got married. (They just had the civil ceremony.) 

She has grace, calmness and elegance. She fits Monaco. She seems bold.

Do you follow any Royal Families and what they do?

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  2. I think they are called the Grimaldis (the monaco royals that is..) I agree with you about the elegant/aristocratic aura Charlene has..I can't say the same for her husband though!

    I kind of like the british royals I think..maybe cause I loved the late Diana.. :(

    1. Yes, their family name is Grimaldi, but meant all the people of Monaco. People in France are French, but in Monaco?


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