Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I've been wearing for some time now...

What I've been wearing for a few weeks at work and out. I have morning shifts and evening shifts at work, and often times I tend to forget I need to go to work. Need I say I don't care much about my work? So very often I need to leave in a rush and then do my makeup in a rush. In the summer I tend to like little makeup. So not a lot of shadows, just plain eyeliner and mascara (and face products).

(ai ai ai sorry for the blurry picture)

Actually my boyfriend also prefers my eyes to look like this. And I find that I have found the makeup look that always makes me look better, if I'm not feeling too good, you know? The safe makeup that fixes everything and will go with every situation. 

Eyebrows are done. Black matte liquid eyeliner. A shimmer highlight under the brow and sometimes in the inner corner.

Some times I add a shimmery brown in the crease.

What is your works in every situation -makeup?


  1. Hey.. nice eyeliner ^_^. What brand is it?

  2. I am doing a blog post about it soon. You can only get this eyeliner from Finland though...


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