Monday, October 31, 2011

Giveaway winner!

Okay, so I said I was going to announce the winner on Wednesday, but that was a lie...

The winner of the giveaway is...

She won a Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2011 set 1.

 And the winner is ct1980 (@bastibony)


PS. I decided to send something else to her as well, but you'll see it once I assume she has received the package...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Body Shop - Blueberry Body Butter -review

Blueberry body butter is my favorite body butter of all time. It smells so delicious! I use it in the winter only, cause then my skin is that dry that it needs the extra moisturizing. In fact, they only sell Blueberry body butter in the winter anyways... 

This body butter is directed for dry skin. And I can vouch for that. 

This is very thick, 9 hours after application I can still feel it on my skin. It doesn't absorb right away, it takes its time. Which is why I use this on those days when I can stay at home and wear my pj's. I would never put jeans on after applying this. Sometimes I apply this right before bed, put on my pj's, and go to sleep, shower in the morning and then it's okay to dress. 

I don't use this daily, it would be way too much. I use this once or twice a week. Also I only put this on the bottom half of my body. The scent is there, but it isn't overpowering. Still, I don't want to be completely covered in Blueberry-scented body butter. 

I bought this last winter. I only opened it now. I heard that this would only be sold for one season, which apparently isn't true, but that freaked me out so I bought a couple, and had this one left for this winter. I stored it in a cool place, but not a cold place. I only opened it recently too. 

This body butter is really thick, so if I would want to use body butters daily, I'd use something less thick for most of the days, and then this one for dry skin I'd use once a week or so. But still, this is one of my all time favorites! 
What is your favorite Body Shop Body Butter scent?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hauls - Wet N'Wild palettes!

I bought two today. They are the palette's with 8 shadows in each.

Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher. After swatching them, I already have a favorite.

I'll show you the swatches of Comfort Zone, which is my favorite of the two.  I'll show the swatches of Petal Pusher in another post. I used the shadows today. I had an exam in the morning (Probability and statistics, blaah), so I only had foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and mascara. I did the makeup looks on top of those. The looks are also in this post.

First the column on the right. The eyeshadows have some text on them saying where each shadow would go. I did the looks strictly based on those. The definer color (on the left in the swatch picture) is similar to my GDE DinoSpotz, and one color by Inglot that I don't have, but I saw swatches of it here.

The shadows go definer, crease, eyelid and browbone. They are in that order in the swatch picture. 

Then the left column. Again in the same order, definer color on the left, browbone color on the right.

You can click on the pictures to see them in their original size. 

Then the looks. 

Left column look I did on my left eye. I apologize for the pictures (and my eyebrows). I am right handed, and horrible at taking pictures of my left eye... The look I did on my right eye is waaaaaay better. That's the second look in this post.

Here is the look made with the shadows in the right column. 

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy my blog! Comments are highly appreciated!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Galna Dagar Haul

I went shopping at Galna Dagar, which is a sale in a department store chain here, and the sale runs from Wednesday to Sunday. It still continues for two days, but I went there during the first two days and I'm not going anymore. It's way too packed with people. Galna Dagar is the Swedish name for the sale, it means Crazy Days. As I live in a country where there are two official languages, the sales have two names, one in both languages. 

I bought several things. I'll show them to you. I can do individual posts, reviews of them if you'd like. I haven't tested these yet that much as I got them two days/one day ago.

Bonacure hair therapy oil miracle by Schwartzkopf. Used it once so far.

A set by Estee Lauder. It has an eyemakeup remover (30 ml), a mascara (Double Wear, zero smudge lengthening mascara) and an eyecream (Advanced Night Repair Eye, silly name).

I have used the mascara twice. The packaging of that is horribly 90's, I feel. It's something that a 50-year old woman would have kept in their drawer since the 90's. The eye cream smells like some alcohol. It's very odd. I can't figure out exactly what it smells like. The eye makeup remover works wonderfully!

I'm not a big perfume person. Until now I only had one full size perfume, and I rarely used it. I now found one that I really, really like. It is I love love by Moschino. I love the fresh, clean citrus scent it has. That type of scents are definitely me. 

I also got the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream starter kit. .It has a 30 ml hand lotion, 15 ml kin treatment (The 8 hour cream), and 15 ml daily moisturizer with SPF 15.

The skin treatment works wonderfully on dry patches. 

On the second day I went there again and then bought the item I really wanted to get. Sensai's refillable liquid eyeliner in black.

I swatched it on my hand, but that didn't turn out well in a picture. So I took a picture of my makeup that I have on right now. I used this eyeliner. You can get the most thinnest line with this! It's amazingly thin if you want a thin line. And it's really precise too, right on the lash line. 

Urban Decay's Naked -palette. Virgin, Sin, Naked, and Smog.

Then I bought Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle hair treatment. I used it today. I still have the scent in my hair. That never happens. Normal shampoo/hair conditioner scents do not stay in my hair at all. This does. And so did the Sunsilk hair mask that I used last week. Now my hair is ridiculously silky and smooth... I might have to start using hair masks more often. ;)

Like I said, I have used this only once. In the shower. Of course. But I didn't expect this to happen...

My hair looks like this now. It is dry, and annoyingly some hair has broken, so that there are those little hairs sticking up all the way. You can click on the pictures if you want to see what I mean. I don't really know how to explain it.

I rarely use heat on my hair. I probably use a blow drier once a month, if even that often, and then I do use a heat protectant. I do not straighten my hair.. I mean what's the point if my hair is already that straight and I have only combed through it to take pictures? Maybe straightening could help the too-short hair that are clearly visible in the picture on the right. I don't own a straightener, but I have been interested in one. I just don't know if I'd actually use it. What do you think?

Have you tried any of these products?