Friday, November 18, 2011

Holy moly!

Look at the difference in my eyebrows!!!

First picture is from November 17 2011. The second one is from September 17 2010.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue-Purple EoTD with Manly 120

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Today's eye of the day was created with the Manly 120.

Is it just me or do my lashes really look longer than before???

I used MAC's Painterly Paint Pot over Urban Decay Primer Potion. Then I applied some skin colored matte shadow on my browbone and all over the lid.
Then I used a blue from my Manly. Second column from the right, and second row from the bottom. That blue. I placed that 2/3 on my lid from the outer corner. I took some light gray, from the rightmost column, 5th row from the bottom, and applied that in my inner corner. 

I took the light gray shadow from the rightmost column, sixth row from the bottom and applied that over my crease, a little on the browbone.

After that I took a matte purple, third column on the right, second row from the bottom and applied that in my crease.

MAC's Blacktrack fluidline and Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eyes mascara. 

I used IsaDora's light brown eyebrow pencil. 

How does it look?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sigmax Precision Kit - First Thoughts

"Wow P84 is huge!!! How is that gonna work on my eye?" 

(in the little leaflet one way to use this brush is to apply a highlight color on the browbone with this)

Last week I ordered Sigma Beauty's Sigmax Precision Kit. It has 4 brushes. This post is the first impressions post, and where I tell you how it was to use them for the first time, and what I thought then. I will be doing a more in-depth review later after I have used these brushes more.

The brushes smelled funky, but that is nothing new for any brush, not just Sigma's. Every single brush I have ordered online, has arrived smelling badly. First wash gets rid of the smell, so really it isn't an issue. 

I ordered these last week, they were shipped on November 11th, a Thursday. I got a notice that the package can be picked up from the post office on November 15th!!! Which is was a Tuesday. Talk about fast shipping. Don't forget, these were sent from Minnesota, USA, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, to Finland, and it took 3 working days, and on the 4th, I had them in my hands. This was amazing. It was like an extra birthday present, because Nov 15th was my birthday.

Just one of the 4 Sigmax Precision brushes.

Each brush had this kind of a thing on them. I am going to keep them and use when traveling until I buy a brush roll.

I washed them on Tuesday, Nov 15, and used them for the first time on Wednesday morning, Nov 16. I used the rounded P82 to apply MAC's Bare Study paint pot. It did not work. Could it be that I'm over halfway through Bare Study, I have used it with my fingers until now from the beginning, and now I cannot get a decent application with any brush. Only fingers work. I did not try to apply it with a brush in the beginning. 

I used the tapered P86 to apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I don't think it worked, I had to apply more concealer afterwards with my fingers. Is it the brush or my concealer that's faulty?

I used P84 to apply a highlight from the Naked-palette on my brow bone. It worked fine. I've never used a brush that big to apply a highlight color, but didn't have problems with it. I have not used it yet for contouring or highlighting the cheek bones, nose and whatnot.


I have not used the flat top P80 yet. 


Have you tried these? 

Edit July 3, 2012: Please read the comments. There I have commented more about a few more uses and ways. I realize the initial first impressions do not sound very good. I have written more in the comments, and the brushes aren't as horrible as they may sound in the post. I just tried them with the wrong products at first. ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sigma's Tapered Blending E35

A month or two ago I received my first Sigma Beauty brush order. I ordered the tapered blending E35, which I am talking about in this post. Then I ordered the F80 flat top kabuki, and E05, eyeliner brush. When you order from Sigma, you get a gift brush and I got E25 mini.

I love the black handle, and the text on that is not just plain silver. To me it looks like a hologram surface. The cup where I store my brushes is somewhat tall, so I really the height of the handle. I can always spot this brush or any brush this size. This is why I always forget about the mini E25 because it's lost with all the brushes and the edges of the cup.

The bristles are incredibly soft. I really like to add the crease color with this. Sometimes I add the highlight color with this. I tend to use a different kind of a brush for blending. On second thought, everytime I apply any eyeshadow, I tend to blend at the same time with whatever brush I am using for applying the shadow, so often I don't do a separate blending step in the end. You know what I'm saying?

But if I do do a separate blending step, I don't use a brush like E35. Usually. I prefer a brush with shorter bristles, and one that is more dense, because I feel like the brushes are too long to blend out harsh edges, they just slide of the edge without blending it, I think it takes too much time. This can be a great brush for blending, I just use a different kind of a brush. In other words, I use this for applying color in the crease and browbone, and blend those, but not for separate blending.

The white bristles have experienced a little discoloration. This worries me, because I don't want my brushes to look dirty, when they're clean. That's why I have only used neutrals colors with this brush, so no hot pink, because I don't think I could get that off the brush. And I don't want to test it. I probably should, but I don't want to. That's why I want to order the E40, which I imagine to be the same brush, only with black bristles.

This brush costs 11$ at Sigma's webpage, and they ship internationally. The shipping costs go by weight, which has caused some problems for me. The customs limit is 45€ shipping included, so the order should stay under that. The shipping costs for these 3 brushes were 9$ about. I just ordered some brushes, but I was hesitant cause the shipping for those was 11$. I know there are and will be shipping costs whenever you order something from wherever, unless they have a free shipping in orders over xx $.  i just don't know what exactly is my limit. So far I do like the brushes, but are they really worth paying for high shipping costs? I don't know.

Have you tried Sigma's products? What is your view on shipping costs?

PS. Yay for 200th published post!!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's EoTD and Estee Lauder mascara review

I had to wake up super early today. I had a mandatory math exercise class this morning, and I knew I was coming home right after that ended. It was really cold, and I was really tired, but I still did my makeup. I did a very simple look, I wasn't even going to use any shadows, but I ended up using two from my NYX Rock'n'roll-trio.

Review of the mascara I used is in the end of this post.

I just applied foundation, eyebrow pencil and Estee Lauder lengthening mascara. 

Then I decided to add some brown from the NYX Rock'n'roll trio to my crease. I used a tapered blending brush for that. Then I used a pencil brush and applied the gray color from the NYX trio to the lash line, and blended the line up the lid, I didn't want anything sharp.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara.

I tend to dislike mascaras during the first few days after opening it. That did not happen with this mascara.

I felt like this lengthened my lashes after a few coats. My boyfriend noticed it too. 

I did not get clumpy lashes when I combed through them after each coat. Even if I did not do that I did not get clumps that easily.

I feel like this does not shed. My eyes don't water very easily, so I don't know how this would work if your eyes water. 

I really like the size and shape of the wand. When I apply mascara on my lower lashes I always hold the wand vertically and use the tip to apply mascara. It works great.

This is rather easy to remove with eyemakeup remover. If I remove my makeup in the shower, the water causes the mascara to fall off in small pieces. It doesn't turn into black liquid like some mascaras.

Overall I think this is a good basic mascara. 

I got mine in a set with an eyecream and a eyemakeup remover. That set cost something like 24 euros or so, I don't know how much this costs on its own. The sticker on the bottom says the color, and that covers the text which says how much product there is. I think it says 0.22 fl oz, but I am not sure.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recreation: MAC Pink Freeze

I had a look at MAC's facecharts... I wanted to recreate a look from there.

My version:

This is the original:

If you click on the face chart picture, it takes you to the website where I search for these..

I used:
2 Inglot shadows (both greens)
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil Milk 
matte white eyeshadow by Grimas
glittery white eyeshadow by Lumene Natural Code
GDE MIngles
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Estee Lauder lengthening, smudge-proof mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece mascara

First I applied NYX eyeshadow pencil, Milk. I took the lighter green Inglot shadow with Sigma's E35, a tapered blending brush and applied the green to the crease and a little on the brow bone. I took a matte white by Grimas and applied that all over my lid.

I took some darker green with the same E35 and applied that on top of the lighter green, but just to the crease.

I took a glittery white shadow by Lumene natural code from the punk palette and applied that with an E25 by Sigma. I used the E25 for the matte white as well.

I took a flat eyeshadow brush and took GDE MIngles, a matte blue and applied that a little on my crease and lower, but so that it doesn't cover the white on the lid completely. 

I used MAC's Blacktrack fluidline to line my eyes. I took some matte black by Grimas and applied that on my lower lashline. Apparently the eyeliner brush (Sigma's E05) slipped a little because there's a very thin line that shouldn't be there. :D

I put Estee Lauder's lengthening, smudge-proof mascara. Then I added Max Factor's Masterpiece.

How does it look?! Would you like to see more of these?

PS. there's a poll on the right in case you haven't seen it yet.

Also, this is my 200th post!!!Okay it wasn't. I have some drafts, and the total is 200... :D Bummer

Friday, November 4, 2011

A shame

Horrible horrible horrible.

I swiped my finger 30 times over and this is how much i get. Actually i get even less because that shadow that is on my finger tip DOES NOT transfer to my lid.

It is a pretty color in pan. But horrible quality. It is only this one shadow of the 8 palette too... It is the eyelid shadow, the left one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I sent my bachelors thesis to my professor today. He checked it already, and like all bachelors theses, i got mine back with correction ideas. I did the corrections today.

I did my nails today. I did something different but that had a lot of layers, it did not dry fast, and I hit my nails on things so the nails were horrible.

I did my nails again and they are simpler now... Much better. What do you think? I didn't clean the edges yet...