Friday, November 18, 2011

Holy moly!

Look at the difference in my eyebrows!!!

First picture is from November 17 2011. The second one is from September 17 2010.



  1. Judging only the eye pictures, I think the 2010 eyebrow looks better. The 2011 one looks a little scary. But maybe the angle at which the pics are taken is different or something.

  2. I tried to use pictures that have somewhat a similar angle. They are different angles, but not that much. I quite like the 2011 eyebrow... 2010 is too hairy and messy... :S That's where the double eyebrow happens..

  3. I have a soft spot for fuller eyebrows since my are naturally pretty sparse on the ends, so I prefer the 2010 look. It's interesting how much that sort of thing changes over time without one even noticing.

  4. It is a crazy change, isn't it?! I would have never noticed unless I would've gone back to look at my older blog posts..


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