Friday, November 4, 2011

A shame

Horrible horrible horrible.

I swiped my finger 30 times over and this is how much i get. Actually i get even less because that shadow that is on my finger tip DOES NOT transfer to my lid.

It is a pretty color in pan. But horrible quality. It is only this one shadow of the 8 palette too... It is the eyelid shadow, the left one.


  1. Those all look like pretty colors! Sucks that one isn't pigmented enough..

  2. ummm mine are totally the opposite! So pigmented that one touch gets you a load of color!

  3. Denise, they are pretty. Just that one... ugh

    Smashinbeauty, the 7 other colors are great, but the shadow meant for eyelids, the one on the left column is not pigmented. I'm only bashing that one shade.. :D

  4. Oh no, that sucks :( maybe it'd make a nice REALLY sheer brow or inner corner highlight?

  5. Maybe, I could try that. :D Thanks.


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