Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sigma's Tapered Blending E35

A month or two ago I received my first Sigma Beauty brush order. I ordered the tapered blending E35, which I am talking about in this post. Then I ordered the F80 flat top kabuki, and E05, eyeliner brush. When you order from Sigma, you get a gift brush and I got E25 mini.

I love the black handle, and the text on that is not just plain silver. To me it looks like a hologram surface. The cup where I store my brushes is somewhat tall, so I really the height of the handle. I can always spot this brush or any brush this size. This is why I always forget about the mini E25 because it's lost with all the brushes and the edges of the cup.

The bristles are incredibly soft. I really like to add the crease color with this. Sometimes I add the highlight color with this. I tend to use a different kind of a brush for blending. On second thought, everytime I apply any eyeshadow, I tend to blend at the same time with whatever brush I am using for applying the shadow, so often I don't do a separate blending step in the end. You know what I'm saying?

But if I do do a separate blending step, I don't use a brush like E35. Usually. I prefer a brush with shorter bristles, and one that is more dense, because I feel like the brushes are too long to blend out harsh edges, they just slide of the edge without blending it, I think it takes too much time. This can be a great brush for blending, I just use a different kind of a brush. In other words, I use this for applying color in the crease and browbone, and blend those, but not for separate blending.

The white bristles have experienced a little discoloration. This worries me, because I don't want my brushes to look dirty, when they're clean. That's why I have only used neutrals colors with this brush, so no hot pink, because I don't think I could get that off the brush. And I don't want to test it. I probably should, but I don't want to. That's why I want to order the E40, which I imagine to be the same brush, only with black bristles.

This brush costs 11$ at Sigma's webpage, and they ship internationally. The shipping costs go by weight, which has caused some problems for me. The customs limit is 45€ shipping included, so the order should stay under that. The shipping costs for these 3 brushes were 9$ about. I just ordered some brushes, but I was hesitant cause the shipping for those was 11$. I know there are and will be shipping costs whenever you order something from wherever, unless they have a free shipping in orders over xx $.  i just don't know what exactly is my limit. So far I do like the brushes, but are they really worth paying for high shipping costs? I don't know.

Have you tried Sigma's products? What is your view on shipping costs?

PS. Yay for 200th published post!!!

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  1. For me personally, only some of the Sigma brushes are worth it, so to speak... I only have the F80 so far, and I have no regrets about getting that, but I also know that I probably wouldn't buy all the Sigma brushes (unless I had more money, lol). For now, I will only buy the ones that seem unique enough to justify the shipping/customs charges). I don't think the shipping is that bad, I've experienced higher shipping costs with quite a few makeup companies :)

  2. I keep adding brushes to my shopping cart, and then leaving, but not actually ordering them. I have ordered twice now, and I heard there are some great new products being released every now and then until the New Year. Gonna have to see if those are worth it.


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