Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sigmax Precision Kit - First Thoughts

"Wow P84 is huge!!! How is that gonna work on my eye?" 

(in the little leaflet one way to use this brush is to apply a highlight color on the browbone with this)

Last week I ordered Sigma Beauty's Sigmax Precision Kit. It has 4 brushes. This post is the first impressions post, and where I tell you how it was to use them for the first time, and what I thought then. I will be doing a more in-depth review later after I have used these brushes more.

The brushes smelled funky, but that is nothing new for any brush, not just Sigma's. Every single brush I have ordered online, has arrived smelling badly. First wash gets rid of the smell, so really it isn't an issue. 

I ordered these last week, they were shipped on November 11th, a Thursday. I got a notice that the package can be picked up from the post office on November 15th!!! Which is was a Tuesday. Talk about fast shipping. Don't forget, these were sent from Minnesota, USA, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, to Finland, and it took 3 working days, and on the 4th, I had them in my hands. This was amazing. It was like an extra birthday present, because Nov 15th was my birthday.

Just one of the 4 Sigmax Precision brushes.

Each brush had this kind of a thing on them. I am going to keep them and use when traveling until I buy a brush roll.

I washed them on Tuesday, Nov 15, and used them for the first time on Wednesday morning, Nov 16. I used the rounded P82 to apply MAC's Bare Study paint pot. It did not work. Could it be that I'm over halfway through Bare Study, I have used it with my fingers until now from the beginning, and now I cannot get a decent application with any brush. Only fingers work. I did not try to apply it with a brush in the beginning. 

I used the tapered P86 to apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I don't think it worked, I had to apply more concealer afterwards with my fingers. Is it the brush or my concealer that's faulty?

I used P84 to apply a highlight from the Naked-palette on my brow bone. It worked fine. I've never used a brush that big to apply a highlight color, but didn't have problems with it. I have not used it yet for contouring or highlighting the cheek bones, nose and whatnot.


I have not used the flat top P80 yet. 


Have you tried these? 

Edit July 3, 2012: Please read the comments. There I have commented more about a few more uses and ways. I realize the initial first impressions do not sound very good. I have written more in the comments, and the brushes aren't as horrible as they may sound in the post. I just tried them with the wrong products at first. ;)


  1. They don't sound too great right now, but I'm interested to see if and how your opinions change with further use :)

  2. I tried P80 last night and P86 again alst night, but with a different concealer.

    I can already say that the P80 works wonderfully with concealing blemishes. My concealer is of a very thick consistency, very creamy. P80 works great.

    P86 does not work for thick, cream concealers under the eye or around the nose. It does, however, work for with concealers that are more liquid than creamy and thick concealers.

  3. Just tried P82 with MAC Paint pots.

    I first tried it with Delft, that I have have for nearly two years. I had to work on it for a while, but I did get the same looking application as I do with my fingers.

    Then I tried it with Painterly, that I have had only since August 2011, and did not have any problems with that and P82. It must be that my Bare Study paint pot that I got in July 2010, has dried out a little bit. It is by far my most used paint pot. Because it is dry, it is really difficult to apply with any kind of a brush. Only works with fingers.


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