Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's EoTD and Estee Lauder mascara review

I had to wake up super early today. I had a mandatory math exercise class this morning, and I knew I was coming home right after that ended. It was really cold, and I was really tired, but I still did my makeup. I did a very simple look, I wasn't even going to use any shadows, but I ended up using two from my NYX Rock'n'roll-trio.

Review of the mascara I used is in the end of this post.

I just applied foundation, eyebrow pencil and Estee Lauder lengthening mascara. 

Then I decided to add some brown from the NYX Rock'n'roll trio to my crease. I used a tapered blending brush for that. Then I used a pencil brush and applied the gray color from the NYX trio to the lash line, and blended the line up the lid, I didn't want anything sharp.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara.

I tend to dislike mascaras during the first few days after opening it. That did not happen with this mascara.

I felt like this lengthened my lashes after a few coats. My boyfriend noticed it too. 

I did not get clumpy lashes when I combed through them after each coat. Even if I did not do that I did not get clumps that easily.

I feel like this does not shed. My eyes don't water very easily, so I don't know how this would work if your eyes water. 

I really like the size and shape of the wand. When I apply mascara on my lower lashes I always hold the wand vertically and use the tip to apply mascara. It works great.

This is rather easy to remove with eyemakeup remover. If I remove my makeup in the shower, the water causes the mascara to fall off in small pieces. It doesn't turn into black liquid like some mascaras.

Overall I think this is a good basic mascara. 

I got mine in a set with an eyecream and a eyemakeup remover. That set cost something like 24 euros or so, I don't know how much this costs on its own. The sticker on the bottom says the color, and that covers the text which says how much product there is. I think it says 0.22 fl oz, but I am not sure.


  1. idk why but something in ur eyebrows annoy me lol

  2. Shape? Color? The way I fill them in? Clearly it's one of those... So which is it?


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