Friday, December 30, 2011

Wannabe-MUA Action

My boyfriend's sister had asked me to teach her to do a makeup look that is easy to do if she wants to create a more made up look for like a big party or something. 

She has good shadows, but she didn't have a gold shadow for the lid color which she wanted go get.I used Wet n' Wild's Vanity-palette, as it is closest to what she already has, and it's a palette that she can consider getting if she wants more variety with matte and shimmery shadow, or like a palette that's all-in-one. If she just gets a gold shadow she can create a great look with the rest that she already has. 

Since she doesn't wear eyeshadow daily she doesn't need the ridiculously large amounts that us beauty bloggers have. Mostly she uses a highlighter under her eyes and likes to fill in her eyebrows, and she uses red lipstick.

I gave her my mini-UDPP that I got when I bought the Naked-palette, as I am still trying to get through my full-size one... I also gave her a few brushes and showed her my brushes and what kinds there are that she could consider getting. 

I will show you the look on myself. Our eyeshape is slightly different, but quite similar. ;)

First I applied UPDD, then I applied shadow 2 on the whole lid with a shader brush. I applied shadow 1 to the brow bone. Shadow 2 can also be used on the browbone instead of the matte shadow 1.

Shadow 3 I used in the crease with a Sigma travel-size E25 that I gave to her. With a smaller brush  I used the same shadow 3 as a liner. For this I gave her a slanted small eyeshadow brush. This creates a soft liner. It is of course possible to use any kind of an eyeliner, not just shadow.

You can even use shadow 3 first like I did, and then use an eyeliner pencil to get a sharper line that still looks softer because there is the shadow underneath on a bigger area softening the liner. 

Or you can take an angled eyeliner brush and take up the shadow 3 and place that along the lash line. 

When you apply shadow 3 to the crease to create more dimension, it is fine if you just keep the color in the crease. It really depends on your eyeshape what looks best. 
You can test this out yourself which way looks better; shadow 3 in the crease only OR applying it in the crease AND a little to the outer 1/3 of the moving lid, like in the picture below.

Even though the drawings are made with different colors, I used the same shadow. You don't have to use the same shadow. You can use a shimmery brown in the crease and a matte one as a liner. 

Have a great New Years!!! 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surprises and let-downs of 2011!


1. Hand lotion. 

I never used hand lotion because I hate the way my hands feel afterwards. I can't touch anything, my hands are greasy, and I'd have to wash my hands right after applying lotion. I just didn't like to use hand lotion. My hands are never really dry all the time anyways. I have days when they are dry, but those are those days when I work in the lab a lot or do a lot of cleaning and therefore soaking my hands constantly. At some point I discovered a way to use hand lotion without getting the greasy feel. I just apply the lotion on the backs of my hands, not on the side the touches everything. So even then when I figured out how to apply hand lotion I didn't own any hand lotions. I got a hand lotion (BeSave!) from a blogger meet up, and I had bought an Elizabeth Arden set with hand cream, so I have been carrying them with me.

2. Liquid foundation

I used to think liquid foundation is really heavy and always makes me look like I am wearing foundation. I was wrong. 

I am currently using two foundations by Clinique. Even better foundation in 3 Ivory (left) and Perfectly real makeup in shade 01 (right). I mix two drops of the Even better foundation with one drop of Perfectly real makeup to get my right shade. First I had the Even better, and 3 Ivory is the lightest shade, but on it's own it is too dark. Probably the perfect shade in the summer.

3. Estee Lauder lengthening mascara

The brush is really nice. It lengthens my lashes and doesn't clump. It doesn't give volume, but that I get by applying a volumizing mascara on top.

4. Korres lip butter

Mine is the Plum-shade. It gives you a lovely color to your lips and moisturizes. It is great! You can apply a thin layer or a thicker layer and that way control the color of your lips.

5. MAC Blacktrack fluidline

I used to hate gel liners. I don't anymore. I love this product!


1. Inglot freedom palette

There is nothing wrong with the product. Pigmentation of the shadows is great, but I just don't grab for the palette. I feel it was a waste of money.

2.  Max Factor Masterpiece mascara

The mascara itself isn't bad, but not great either. The price tag is horrible and the amount of product, especially compared to the price is horrendous. I got mine from a sale for 9.90€ ($12.76), but it has 4,5 ml of product! 4,5 ml!! 4,5 ml!!!

3. IsaDora Eyeshadow trios

I just don't like them. I think the colors are bland, they aren't pigmented enough and the dome-shape of the shadow is just horrible. The shadow creates a mess when you stick your brush in the shadow, the shadow just flies off of the dome.

4. Garnier Roll-on Anti-dark circles

The coverage is good. I love how light-weight it is. My eyes just react to it, they get somewhat irritated every single time I have used this product.

Disclaimer: I have bought the products myself, except for the BeSave hand lotion, and the IsaDora eyeshadow trios. Those two were given to me at a blog meetup's goodie bag. My opinions.

What are the products you loved in 2011 and what are those you didn't?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looks - Christmas Eve

I tested this look on Friday, the day before Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve I used a different base. These pictures are from the day before Christmas Eve.

We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is nothing special. All the good food, presents and stuff happens on Christmas Eve. We just eat leftovers on Christmas Day.

I used NYX's jumbo pencil in Pots & Pans as a base on the lid.

I then applied Inglot's shadow pearl 419 on the lid on top of Pots & Pans. 

Then I used a shimmery golden beige and light brown in the crease to blend and in the outer corner.

The look.

On Christmas Eve I used MAC's Bare Study instead of Pots & Pans, but shadows were the same.

I am having some issues with my Inglot palette. That is also why there aren't many (if any) looks with the palette. I just don't grab for the palette. I have had it for 2,5 months now.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Look

It is time for a Christmas look! A dramatic one at that.

I used Glamour Doll Eyes shadows. 

I put NYX jumbo pencil in Cherry on the lid. I blended it out with my finger. I applied FrankenGlamour by Glamour Doll Eyes, GDE, to the top of the crease and a little on the browbone to help blending later.

I took Mutant (GDE) and applied that in the crease with a tapered blending brush. I also added Brewster (GDE) to the whole red part of the lid. Then I added Philadelphia (GDE) to the outer half of the red part of the lid. This part is not shown in the pictures because I forgot to take pics of it.

I took Backstabber (GDE) and applied that to the crease so that it did not cover all of FrankenGlamour and Mutant, but there was like a thin line in the crease. I used an angled eyeliner brush in Foil Me, a mixing medium by GDE, and got some Backstabber on it and lined my top and lower lash lines.

Here you can see a drawing of some sort where to apply the shadows.

I used a clean blending brush to blend in the crease color, Backstabber, and the red shadows.

I used Sensai's black liquid eyeliner and Estee Lauder's lengthening mascara.

I used Blacktrack fluidline on the lower waterline.

And the full look !

Hope you enjoyed this look!!!

(I am a Glamour Doll Affiliate. I buy my products and use them because I really like them. Please check out GDE if you want, and use my referral links if you appreciate my honesty!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite 11 blogs of 2011!

I saw Tiffany / Will Work for Makeup show her Top 11 favorite blogs and youtubers and I wanted to do the same.

These are in no particular order. Some I have been following for years, some for only a week or two. These are the 11 that popped in my mind when I thought about the top 11. I was thinking of adding Tiffany to this list too because I love her blog, but since I copied this from her I thought it would be odd if I'd add her blog to this list. Her blog is one of my favorites in any case.

I am not a big commenter. I could start commenting more, in fact, I want to make that my New Year's resolution. 

Top 11 Blogs - International Edition  - meaning there will be English and Finnish blogs.

1. Amarixe
2. Fashioned in Finland
3. Glitter is my crack
4. Phyrra
5. Of Faces and Fingers
7. Pumpulipupu*
8. Lazy Dynamite*
9. Kosmetiikkaobsessio*
10. Obsessed with vanity
11. Eyelining Obsessions

*= Finnish text only

What are your favorites for this year?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From day makeup to night makeup

I wanted to do a tutorial on how to change a day makeup look into a night time look.

From this... (yes with the mascara messes on the lid...)

... to this.

I had on MAC Bare Study paint pot, IsaDora's eyebrow pencil and mascara to start with.

Start with a skin colored shadow and apply that with a shader brush to the browbone and down to the crease. This is done because a color like matte black is difficult to blend otherwise if it's directly on skin. I used the lightest matte shade from Wet n Wild's Vanity palette. I used Sigma's E60 large shader. You can add the shadow all the way under the brow to the inner corner.

Like so. The red brush is from The Cities collection from the Paris kit.

Flip the E60 over if you want, and apply a matte white shadow to the moving lid. I used Grimas shadows in the rest of the tutorial. 

With a E45 small tapered blending brush take the tiniest amount of matte black shadow and start applying that with a very light hand to your crease and outer V area. It is best to start with minute amounts of dark, and especially matte shadows as it is easier to apply more than to take off. 

With windshield wiper motion make the brush follow your crease. It should apply the matte black and blend at the same time.

Now take an E25 blending brush and the skin colored shadow again and start blending the outside area of the black. We don't want any sharp edges. If you want you can add more matte white on the lid. My E25 is travel-sized and it is a gift that comes with your purchase when your purchase is over $30.

Add eyeliner to the top lash line and some kajal liner to the waterline. You could tightline as well. Add more mascara and fake eyelashes if you want.

If you want more black, you can add more like I did.

You can bring the black on the outer lid part as well with the tapered blending brush. 

The red brushes are by Sigma Beauty. They are from the Cities Paris kit they were selling a while back. I bought mine during the Black Friday sale. The travel-sized E25 you get when your order is over $30. I am a Sigma Affiliate and the links to the brushes are affiliate links. If you visit their website, decide to purchase something, and appreciate my honesty, please use my affiliate links. I earn a small commision from every sale, and affiliate that I bring and I would really appreciate it if you would use my affiliate links. Thank you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Night Out + hair and makeup

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with 11 other people. Two had just graduated with their Bachelor's degrees so this was like a celebration dinner and a Christmas party in one. 

We had a wonderful dinner in a restaurant which normally would be way too expensive for a student budget. 

I wanted to do something special with my hair because I never do anything. I don't know how to do different hair styles well.

At the blogger meet up we were given a lot of hair products and today I tried the sweetest one: Tigi BedHead Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue. Oh my goodness it smells sweet!!! It's like lemon meringue. Yummy! 

I put a small plum size dollop on my hand and applied it to towel dried hair. I blow dried my hair and used a round brush.

My hair is fine and there is usually hardly any volume.

I tried to take the front pieces of hair and braid them. Then I took a comb and backcombed in the crown area. I decided to do a side ponytail. I did the ponytail first, and then braided the front. I wanted to use the front part to conceal the hair tie, but that didn't work, so I had to do the ponytail again, this time with the braided front hair. And that's when I messed up more as my hair had no volume and the backcombing didn't work out. Sigh. Did I say I can't do hair??

I used some kind of a heat protectant that was also a shaper and then with a curling iron I got amazing curls for the first time in my life! They were perfect. I took this picture at the end of the night. The weather was horrible, rainy and horrible. The curls stayed for the most part, until the end when we left cause it was raining really heavily and I did not have an unbrella. . I added a ton of hair spray before we left from home.

I did my makeup with Wet n' Wild shadows.

First, I applied UDPP, then Painterly Paint pot by MAC. Then I used the matte skin colored color of the Vanity palette (leftmost palette) on the browbone area. I took the browbone color of the Petal Pusher palette (right) and applied that a little on my crease and above it, but so that it did not cover my whole browbone.

I applied the matte light pink from the Lust palette (middle) to the inner half, and then the crease color from the Petal Pusher palette to the outer half. I deepened that outer half by adding the darker purple from the Lust palette. I used the darkest purple from the Lust palette in the crease and outer V.

Picture do not do any justice to the makeup. It was darker than it looks here. I took these pictures after the night when we got home.

I added 2-3 extra lashes. They don't look like they would be in the right spot. First I put 1 coat of Estee Lauder's lengthening mascara, then two coats of Maybelline's Colossal volume mascara. Only Estee Lauder on the bottom lashes.

Both eyes.

I used Sensai's black liquid eyeliner, and then on the waterline MAC's Blacktrack fluidline.

I just noticed that my contacts makes it look like my eyes have rings on them. I don't remember that happening in pictures with my old contacts. These are new and they correct astigmatism. (And after a quick Wikipedia search, lenses that correct astigmatism are toric lenses, they have two different powers in two orientations.)

I got quite a few compliments on this makeup. I really like it too!

What do you do on a night out?

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Tigi Totally Baked hair product was given to me. Opinions are my own. Makeup I bought myself.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I don't fish...

... but I bought something that is meant for tackles.

Can I introduce you to my new Glamour Doll Eyes collection storage?

Aww it looks so empty!!!

My previous storage made it seem like I would have a lot more than I actually have.

I put the 80's Child and Cities collections together. The rest I organized by color and I put the sample baggies with similar colors. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Essie - Lilacism

Another Essie polish that we got at the blogger meet up.

Lilacism, a lovely lavender polish. I took these pictures on the third day after application.  I applied 2 coats on a base coat and then Seche Vite on top.

The nail on my index finger broke the day before I think. I cut it, but didn't file it or reapply the polish. My nail shows because there was kind of like a separate layer of polish, and it was annoying me so I tore it off. 

I really like this colored polishes! Do you?

(Polish was given to me at a blogger meet up.)