Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Look

It is time for a Christmas look! A dramatic one at that.

I used Glamour Doll Eyes shadows. 

I put NYX jumbo pencil in Cherry on the lid. I blended it out with my finger. I applied FrankenGlamour by Glamour Doll Eyes, GDE, to the top of the crease and a little on the browbone to help blending later.

I took Mutant (GDE) and applied that in the crease with a tapered blending brush. I also added Brewster (GDE) to the whole red part of the lid. Then I added Philadelphia (GDE) to the outer half of the red part of the lid. This part is not shown in the pictures because I forgot to take pics of it.

I took Backstabber (GDE) and applied that to the crease so that it did not cover all of FrankenGlamour and Mutant, but there was like a thin line in the crease. I used an angled eyeliner brush in Foil Me, a mixing medium by GDE, and got some Backstabber on it and lined my top and lower lash lines.

Here you can see a drawing of some sort where to apply the shadows.

I used a clean blending brush to blend in the crease color, Backstabber, and the red shadows.

I used Sensai's black liquid eyeliner and Estee Lauder's lengthening mascara.

I used Blacktrack fluidline on the lower waterline.

And the full look !

Hope you enjoyed this look!!!

(I am a Glamour Doll Affiliate. I buy my products and use them because I really like them. Please check out GDE if you want, and use my referral links if you appreciate my honesty!)


  1. Very cute! I like how the green liner just peeps out from behind the black :)

  2. Thanks Silhouette Screams! My idea was to only have the green as a liner, but it wasn't defining enough.


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